‘The Bachelor’ Host Reveals How Show Will ‘Deal With’ Colton Underwood’s Virginity

Paul HebertABC

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed in a new interview how the series will “deal with” new contestant Colton Underwood’s virginity on the new season of the ABC reality dating show.

Longtime viewers of the series have reportedly been concerned about whether a virgin Bachelor was the right move for the franchise.

Harrison noted to Entertainment Tonight that fans need not worry about Underwood as the season progresses.

“No matter what we say, if we said Jason, if we said Blake, it doesn’t matter. There’s going to be a backlash, that’s the way social media works these days,” Harrison remarked.

“Colton’s going to be good TV, and that is the reason we chose him.,” he continued.

Harrison then addressed Underwood virginity on a show that glorifies hookups in a search for lasting love.

“He probably won’t have his shirt on after night one, so it’s going to be a good season,” he cracked. He also noted that the newest addition to the Bachelor franchise might not be “ready” to find a wife.

“That’s the whole point of the show,” he explained further.

“Maybe at the end of it, he’s not, and it’s a complete disaster. That’s the way it goes, that’s life,” he said.

Harrison then gave a tongue-in-cheek answer as to how he will assist Underwood as his relationships progress towards physicality.

“Well, this year, because I know he’s the Bachelor, I brought in props, so there’s going to be a big presentation of what happens in the fantasy suite [with] 3D models,” he joked.

“It really gets interesting, and I’m going to bring my son in as well, who is a teenager, so I can knock out the talk.”

“No, but it’s part of the storyline, the fact that Colton’s a virgin, clearly. How will the women react to that? How is he going to handle that? It’s something that he’s obviously dealt with his entire life and he got emotional about it. About when he was in the NFL and having to fake it,” Harrison continued. “So, we are going to deal with that. We’ll dive into that.”

Underwood burst onto the scene during Season 14 of The Bachelorette, and his good looks, love for dogs, and vulnerability charmed not only Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, but all of Bachelor Nation. When the reality star showed up on the beaches of Mexico this summer as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise, he was hopeful. While he may not have found love, he didn’t leave empty-handed.

He found closure with former flame Becca Kufrin, clarity with Bachelor Nation favorite Tia Booth, and above all, an unwavering desire to find the woman of his dreams.

Season 23 of The Bachelor begins in January of 2019.