Javi Marroquin’s Ex-Girlfriend Madison Channing Walls Gives Up Custody, Were Drugs To Blame?


Javi Marroquin’s former girlfriend, Real World star Madison Channing Walls, has given up custody of her 2-year-old daughter Harper after an alleged drug relapse.

On September 11, Radar Online shared a report regarding Walls’ custody situation with her former boyfriend and Real World co-star, Tony Raines, revealing that Raines is now having to fight back against Walls’ parents, Cally and Michael Shapshak, who have requested full custody of the child.

In court papers from Travis County District Court in Texas, the Shapshaks requested the court grant them sole custody of Harper.

“[Cally and Michael] have had possession of the child since date of birth,” a petition filed on April 16, 2018, read. “The appointment of the parents as managing conservators would not be in the best interest of the child. It is in the best interest of the child that Petitioners be appointed sole managing conservators of the child.”

Three months later, Walls, who dated Teen Mom 2’s Marroquin last year, agreed with their request.

In Walls’ response to the petition, filed on July 13, 2018, she wrote, “I want my parents to have custody of my daughter.”

Although Walls and her parents are on the same page, Raines feels differently about Harper and doesn’t feel it is in her best interest to be in the sole custody of her grandparents. He also said in his response documents that the only reason he agreed with was Harper living at their home full-time because he believed her mother, Walls, was there with the child and would continue to reside at the home.

Tony Raines also shares a younger daughter, Isla, with his current girlfriend, Alyssa Giacone.

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While recent rumors, many of which were sparked by an online photo in which the reality star appeared to be sporting track marks on her arm, have suggested Madison Channing Walls has relapsed on heroin, her mother told Radar Online that she is “doing great” and “not on drugs.”

“The conservatorship is because it’s our family raising Harper,” Cally Shapshak explained. “Tony isn’t involved. We just want to protect her. He does post about her a lot on social media, especially for someone not on the birth certificate.”

In the past, Walls has been extremely open about her struggles with heroin addiction.

“I’m a recovering heroin addict,” she revealed on Real World: Skeletons. “I am scarred for life from it. I just feel grateful to be alive.”