Melissa McCarthy Looks Stunning In Red Carpet Appearance, Shows Off Slim Physique After Dropping 75 Pounds

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Melissa McCarthy’s got it, and now she’s going to flaunt it.

The actress showed off her dramatically smaller frame this week in a red carpet appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival. As Hollywood Life noted, the actress has been steadily losing weight and showed off her figure at the event.

“In addition to wearing a gorgeous gold dress with an intricate floral pattern, the Spy actress also showed off her amazing 75-lb. weight loss!” the report noted. “Over the several months since filming Spy, which co-starred Jude Law, the star has been steadily losing weight — each new time we see her she looks thinner and thinner! Check out a before and after to see how much incredible progress she’s been making in our picture featured below.”

Melissa’s weight loss has reportedly come from the keto diet, which eliminates carbs in favor of healthier fats. McCarthy has also told Life & Style that she stopped worrying so much about her appearance, helping her to feel more comfortable and allowing her to lose more weight.

The actress has opened up about her weight loss journey and how it’s fit into her ascent to the top of Hollywood, where she is now one of the highest-paid actresses. In an interview with Glamour earlier this year, McCarthy recalled just how far she’s come from being a 20-year-old who migrated to New York City to try her hand at comedy and acting.

It wasn’t an easy start, McCarthy recalled.

“I remember when you could still get a $5 bill out of an ATM and I couldn’t get it because [my balance] was under $5. I would never quite have the money for rent, so I would call my mom and dad or my sister and say, ‘This is how much I’m short.’ They never made me feel guilty because they knew I wasn’t lying around doing nothing,” she said.

McCarthy said she didn’t want to continue the pattern, so she got a job as a production assistant with a regular paycheck — and also helped get her foot in the door the acting industry.

Melissa McCarthy made her name as a larger-than-life actress but has taken great efforts to change her physique. As Hollywood Life noted, she has been steadily losing weight and is estimated to have dropped more than 75 pounds so far. McCarthy has also tried to help others in her shoes, starting her own clothing line called Seven7 three years ago with a focus on clothing for women of all sizes.