WWE News: Stone Cold Steve Austin And X-Pac Reveal Why NXT Is Better Than WWE


There are many wrestling fans who believe that NXT is quite possibly the best brand of wrestling in the world. When looking at what WWE has to offer, there are many fans who think that NXT is actually much better than what the main roster brings each week. It appears as if Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman appear to agree that WWE’s “developmental” is bringing the best action right now.

Looking at WWE’s main roster right now, the majority of it is made up of names that worked their way through NXT. Some fans believe that being called up ends up stopping the momentum of the superstar because they end up getting lost in the shuffle of so many names.

In NXT, more superstars are able to step out into the spotlight and showcase their talents. That is why X-Pac said on a recent episode of the Steve Austin Show that NXT is better than WWE right now and it is due to not being oversaturated.

“I mean, they’re the same company, but, man, [TakeOver and SummerSlam were] night and day to me, personally. It’s like [NXT] know they’re fanbase. It’s a little bit [of a] different fanbase and it’s easier for [NXT] to cater to them because they’re not trying to, I think maybe, cater to everyone and every demographic. Like, I don’t know. I like how they present the storylines they do.”

Waltman says that NXT doesn’t try to do too much and confuse you with too many storylines.

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During the conversation, Stone Cold Steve Austin could really not help but agree with X-Pac when he said that NXT is better than WWE right now. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., he believes that the storylines in WWE get too “convoluted” and end up taking the wrestling aspect out of things.

“The thing I like about the NXT thing is it’s almost like [Waltman] said, the main roster is almost trying to cover or cater to everybody. And to me, the NXT thing is more… they are both under the same umbrella, it’s WWE, it’s sports entertainment. It ain’t pro wrestling anymore. Now, it’s sports entertainment officially, but in my mind, it’s still pro wrestling. And to me, NXT, yeah, it’s kind of like a throwback. And it’s all modern stuff, great lighting, great production values, everything else, but the storylines are very easy to understand and very simple. And, I mean, the announcers aren’t trying to go overboard trying to explain whatever’s going on. Sometimes when I watch the main roster stuff, it’s like they’re trying to play to so many people that the storylines get kind of convoluted.”

It is interesting to see that Austin believes the current product in NXT is more like what he and X-Pac went through during the Attitude Era in WWF/WWE. NXT is allowing the wrestling to take center stage while the announcers build it up perfectly and the storylines merely add a little extra to it.

With every single episode on the WWE Network and each TakeOver that takes place, NXT is continuing to grow and win over more fans. The good thing is that they are growing without changing what they’re doing but simply getting even better at what is already working.

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It’s almost sad to say, but it is kind of upsetting when popular and talented names from NXT get called up to WWE’s main roster. Since arriving, it’s been tough to see any success for guys like The Revival or Tye Dillinger when they were incredibly over during their time in NXT.

If NXT continues to keep doing the things right that makes it so successful, there has to be a time when those in charge of WWE wonder if that’s what needs to happen elsewhere. Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sean “X-Pac” Waltman believe NXT is killing Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live right now, but will anyone listen?