Astrid Loch Reveals ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers About Relationship With Kevin Wendt Ahead Of Finale

Craig SjodinABC

Monday night, fans of Bachelor in Paradise will watch all of the Season 5 couples face big questions regarding the future of their relationships. Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt have been together since right after filming began, but BIP spoilers have hinted that they may not leave Mexico together. Now Astrid is opening up in a radio interview and she gives some information about the status of things with Kevin that fans won’t want to miss.

Astrid Loch chatted with Domenick Nati of the iHeart Radio Domenick Nati Show and she didn’t hold back. The interview clip, which is posted on YouTube, opens up with some great Bachelor in Paradise spoilers. Nati asks Loch if she and Kevin Wendt are still dating and whether they are considering marriage.

The Bachelor in Paradise star says that she and Kevin are dating, which will come as a big relief to those who have followed spoilers that indicate the two will split during Monday’s finale. There had been sightings of Wendt and Loch together since filming, and gossip guru Reality Steve had said they had reunited. However, until now, the two hadn’t confirmed that themselves.

There is no engagement between Astrid and Kevin at this point and Loch says that they’re just trying to date like normal people in the real world right now. She says that filming tends to put some pressure on couples and she shared that Kevin walked away from filming with some cold feet. However, it sounds as if their relationship is going well now.

As Astrid’s interview continued, it became quite clear that her relationship with Kevin has the potential to last. They have talked about having her move to Canada where he lives, and she notes that he’s got a great job there as a firefighter and a fabulous life put together where he lives now. Loch added that she’s originally from Germany, so moving to a new country wouldn’t be too difficult for her to navigate.

The Bachelor in Paradise star talked about some other fun franchise-related tidbits, including the fact that she was hoping that Jason Tartick would be the next Bachelor. That said, she said that once she met Colton Underwood in person, she understood why the girls tend to go gaga over him. Of course, Underwood’s virginity will be a major topic of conversation this winter on his season, and Loch did admit that she’s not one who would “buy the car” without having done a “test drive” first.

Astrid also revealed that “Venmo John” Graham doesn’t have all that much game, despite it looking like he does this season. Loch said that really, it was mostly the fact that he was one of the only single guys in the group that prompted so much attention from the incoming ladies as Season 5 played out. She also said that David Ravitz is a really cool guy, but she isn’t a fan of Leo Dottavio.

It’s clear that franchise fans on Twitter are rooting for Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt to go the distance. This week will likely provide some panic attacks if the Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about a split are correct, but it sounds as if Astrid and Kevin are taking things slow with their renewed relationship and stand a good chance of making it work in the real world. Viewers will get to see for themselves where things stand for these two when the finale airs Monday night and the pre-taped finale airs on Tuesday.