‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Week 11 Power Of Veto Ceremony Takes Place And The Nominations Are Set

Johnny VyCBS

Big Brother 20 spoilers reveal that the Power of Veto ceremony is over — and that means that the Week 11 nominations are set. This seems to be another week wherein the nominees may not quite see what’s coming — and it’s not going to be long before supposed allies have to start turning on one another. What’s the latest?

Heading into Week 11, Kaycee won Head of Household, nominating Sam and Haleigh. These nominations didn’t come as a surprise to most viewers, as there had been a lot of talk before Scottie was even evicted that these two Big Brother 20 players were likely to be next on the block. As the Inquisitr shared over the weekend, Kaycee also won the Power of Veto, and it wasn’t anticipated that she would use it.

According to Big Brother Network, the POV ceremony went down as planned. Kaycee didn’t use the POV, which means that either Haleigh or Sam will be evicted next. The plan going into this next eviction has been to target Haleigh, and it appears that remains the direction in which things are headed.

Some of the house guests are preparing for a double eviction, even though they haven’t been told any such move is coming. Unless Sam wins Head of Household or POV, she’s likely going to be the next one booted.

After Monday’s POV ceremony, Big Brother spoilers note that Sam found a chance to talk to Tyler. Big Brother Daily recounts that Sam asked Tyler if she was going to make it through this next eviction, telling her that she’s got his vote. When she asked if she should try to talk to Angela, Tyler said that as far as he knows, Sam has Angela’s vote too. He urged her not to freak out, and he said he’d keep checking in with her.

Brett and Tyler talked about the idea of Haleigh campaigning, and Big Brother spoilers reveal that Haleigh was apparently laughing through the veto speech. They speculate that Haleigh actually thinks she’s safe heading into the next eviction, and the guys have no plans to convince her otherwise.

This means that — just like in Week 10 — both nominees think that they are the pawn and that the other player is the one about to be evicted. However, it doesn’t look as if there’s any reason that the vote would shift enough to save Haleigh.

Tyler and Brett chatted about being in a good position at this point, feeling that they are fairly well set to hit the Final 4 with Angela and Kaycee. Tyler noted that it’ll get tricky at that point, but Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have previously revealed that Tyler’s been working deals with multiple players so he may well think he is safe and sound. Granted, Brett has also been talking a lot with JC about sticking together, but he’s also shared much of what he’s learned about JC’s plans with Tyler.

Will Tyler and his closest allies get their wish in having Haleigh, then Sam, then JC evicted from the house? One surprising Head of Household win could shake things up for the whole house — and fans will be curious to see how these next steps play out.

Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as the week progresses to see if any shockers come into play.