‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Kristina Scrambles To Save The Day When Mike Causes Chaos At Charlie’s

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images for M.J. Dougherty

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Monday, September 10 tease that things are going to get intense as Mike misguidedly tries to help Sonny. This has been building up for months now, and it looks like it’ll come to an explosive end. In the latest piece of info that viewers were privy to, Mike had taken a wrench to Charlie’s and was sneaking around as Julian caved to Kristina’s request to let her bartend for him.

Where do things head next?

An ABC sneak peek shows that Mike will sneak into the basement at Charlie’s and smash up a gas line, starting a leak. It looks like he drops the wrench where he stands, and heads back upstairs — where he walks into the pub and looks flustered over how many people are present.

Kristina will spot Mike at Charlie’s and try to talk with him about what he’s doing there. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that she’ll contact Sonny after she notices how disoriented Mike is, and soon Julian will smell gas and rush to get all of the customers outside.

Apparently, Mike will refuse to go outside with the others, and Kristina is said to make the connection that he caused the gas leak. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she’ll rush inside and try to fix the gas leak herself, but the place will explode before she’s seen safely back outside.

Naturally, people will panic over the fact that Kristina had gone back into Charlie’s and hadn’t returned before the explosion. Multiple people will rush in an attempt to save her. Rumors indicate that Julian will start to put all of these puzzle pieces together. It sounds as if some of this will happen during Monday’s show, but fans may be left hanging — with this playing out over the next few episodes.

Monday’s episode also brings more news for Nina as she embraces the idea that the half-heart necklace means her child is still alive. Maxie will urge her friend to proceed slowly on this front, but Nina will be difficult to rein in, her emotions over-riding her common sense. Elsewhere, Valentin will be asking Curtis for an update on the investigation into finding Nina’s daughter.

Michael will be feeling emotional over a letter he received from Nelle, with show spoilers indicating that Carly will be furious with her former nemesis as she tries to support her son. Brad and Lucas were granted permanent custody of the baby — who is supposedly Wiley — but Brad is going to continue to struggle over the secrets he has kept in this regard.

It sounds as if Kristina will ultimately survive the explosion, but the situation will generate a lot of chaos that will impact many people throughout Port Charles. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that this week will be jam-packed with dramatic developments and emotional moments, and fans won’t want to miss a minute of the action.