Young Thug Receives Warrant For Eight Felonies

Ser BaffoGetty Images

Things are not looking good for the critically acclaimed rapper Young Thug, who looks like he could be facing a lengthy prison sentence after the latest warrant for the Atlanta native was put out for his arrest in Georgia., according to reports from TMZ.

Thug’s legal woes all stem from a heap of drug possession charges that the rapper racked up in DeKalb County in September 2017. The extent of the drugs recovered was so severe that last week, a grand jury settled on indicting Thug for a staggering eight felony charges.

The full counts that Thug is currently facing, according to reports from TMZ, include possession and intent to distribute meth, hydrocodone, and weed, as well as possession of amphetamine, Alprazolam, codeine (two counts) and a firearm.

The surreal part of such an extensive list of charges that Thug is now facing has to be related for the reason the rapper was originally pulled over. Thug, who even if convicted for a small amount of the charges may be facing the reality that he could be facing a career-ending length of a prison stay, was originally pulled over for having illegally tinted windows. Eventually, that became an arrest for what was originally only felony marijuana possession. It appears that the original misdemeanor for the tinted windows has since been dropped.

The rapper’s legal issues don’t remain confined to the state of Georgia, however. Only last month Thug was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in Los Angeles at the release party for his own album, Slime Language, which also doubled as the rapper’s 27th birthday, after a member of Thug’s entourage drove into a police cruiser as they were leaving. That charge carries another potential felony on the rapper’s record.

Thug’s response in the immediate aftermath of the news shows the rapper doesn’t appear to be fazed by what he’s facing, or perhaps staying as active as possible before a likely long time in prison, as he announced the release date for a new album, potentially with the unlikely coincidental title On The Run. Thug announced the album in cryptic fashion on his Twitter page posting only “Album in 2 days” followed by “ON THE RUN.” Based on Thug’s estimation, On The Run should be released tomorrow, which should be about the time we find out whether he will be returning to Georgia and facing the warrant or literally going on the run himself.