Princess Eugenie Does This With Her Time, As People Criticize Her Huge Wedding Because She Has No Royal Duties

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Princess Eugenie’s wedding is getting lots of media attention, though some of it is very negative. That’s all thanks to her multi-million dollar security bill that’s going to be dumped onto taxpayers, as well as news that her wedding is going to be bigger than Prince Harry and Meghan’s. The Princess will have the ceremony at the same venue as Harry and the Duchess of Sussex — and is also planning an open-top carriage ride too. The biggest critics pointed out that Eugenie has no royal duties, thus should not be expecting all of the pomp and circumstance during her big day.

So what does Princess Eugenie do with her time?

According to the Sun, Eugenie has been working in London for the Hauser & Wirth art gallery since 2015. She was first hired on as an associate director, but since then, she’s been promoted to one of eight directors at the London Sales & Exhibitions team. The art gallery has three locations worldwide — including London, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles.

Prior to her position at the art gallery, she was in New York between 2013 and 2015 working for the online auction firm Paddle8 holding the title of benefit auctions manager.

But with her employment aside, Eugenie’s not really there for the paycheck. She’s actually got lots of money without having to clock in. It turns out that in 1994, the Queen put aside around £19m for her great-grandkids, according to Cosmopolitan. That meant Eugenie likely inherited around several million pounds, and is not financially strapped to say the least.

In addition to the inherited funds from Queen Elizabeth II, a 1996 divorce settlement between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson resulted in around £1.4 million that was set aside for a trust fund for their children — Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

In other news, Eugenie co-founded the Anti-Slavery Collective that focuses on “spotlighting modern slavery as a global epidemic.” During an interview with Town & Country Magazine, she elaborated upon her intentions.

“If you could save one person’s life, or if you can help one person, or support one charity, then you’re doing something incredible, and you’re really changing the world.”

The charity is expected to help around 10,000 people from Nepal, according to the Express.

For those who are really keen on following Eugenie’s whereabouts, you can now follow her on social media. She’s on Instagram now, which she joined in March. The princess has about 321,000 followers and just 34 posts so far. Some of the pictures are throwback photos of herself as a young baby and girl, while others show her enjoying everyday life with her family and Jack.