‘Counting On’ Star Jinger Duggar Is Reportedly Still In Touch With Josiah’s Ex, Marjorie Jackson

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Jinger Duggar is still in contact with her brother Josiah’s ex-girlfriend – or, ex “courtship partner,” or whatever you would call a person in such a relationship.

Ordinarily, a woman maintaining a friendship with one of her brother’s ex-girlfriends (that’s what we’re going to stick with for the remainder of this article for simplicity’s sake) would hardly raise an eyebrow. Sure, there may be the rare moment of awkwardness should the two cross paths at a family dinner or whatever. But in general, women around the world still hit it off with their brothers’ girlfriends, and often times still maintain friendships with them even after the romantic relationship has been called off.

Not so the Duggars. As you know, the Arkansas family of devout, Evangelical Christians does things differently. That includes dating, which in Duggar world is referred to as a “courtship.” A courtship is essentially a probationary job-application period where the two participants, and their families, try to suss out if they – and their families – are matches for each other. All under the ever-watchful eye of the family patriarch, Jim-Bob Duggar.

Unfortunately for Josia (or “Si” as he likes to be called), his courtship with Marjorie Jackson didn’t pan out, making him the only Duggar to have entered a courtship that didn’t end in marriage.

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So why is it so eyebrow-raising that Jinger and Marjorie are still friends? Because, according to Celebrity Insider, in the Duggar universe, breaking off a courtship is akin to getting a divorce. That would mean that for the two to remain friends would be a big no-no.

And how do we know that Jinger and Marjorie are still friends (or at the very least, still in contact with one another)? Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, let it slip in an Instagram post.

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A thoughtful birthday gift from my lovely wife: handwritten calligraphy of the words “Og mit liv” for my office. What’s the significance of these words? When Peter Torjesen, a young Norwegian man, was 17 years old, he was challenged to financially support gospel missions. At a church service, he opened his wallet and placed all of its contents into the offering. After a brief moment of reflection, he placed something else into the offering: a piece of paper with the words written upon it, “Og mit liv” (“And my life”). Young Peter would go on to give his life on the foreign mission field in China. A valuable daily reminder that to live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21). || Calligraphy by @marjorie.e.jackson ||

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That framed quote is a birthday present from Jinger, and it comes from a Christian from whom Jeremy finds inspiration. But as you can see, Jeremy credits Marjorie Jackson, the very woman who came this close to being his sister-in-law, with the calligraphy. That means that Jinger, at the very least, was in contact with Marjorie at least as far as getting the gift made.

Of course, it bears noting that the entirety of their communication could have been ordering the gift and getting it delivered. Or it could be that the two remain fast friends. Who knows?

As for “Si,” he went on to marry Lauren Swanson, and rumor has it that, even though the ink is barely dry on their marriage license, the two are expecting a baby.