Spoilers for ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 5 Finale: Kendall Long Throws Off Grocery Store Joe’s Big Plans

Paul HebertABC

Monday night’s finale of Bachelor in Paradise has some major shakeups, according to the available Season 5 spoilers. It’s time for the current romantic pairs to decide whether to stay together or to go their separate ways — and the show has teased that there’s at least one engagement on the way. Could that be related to Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile?

A new sneak peek from Access Online shares some big Bachelor in Paradise spoilers about Kendall Long and Grocery Store Joe’s relationship. The clip shows Amabile talking about how he was scared of commitment when he started filming for Season 5. In addition, he points out that Kendall herself has had some issues with commitment, and viewers have seen that fear of hers cause some challenges in this showmance with Joe.

Despite those commitment fears, Joe has come to believe that he has something special with Kendall and that he’s at a place where he sees a future with her. The grocery store hunk will detail that he feels it’s time to lay it all on the table with his gal and let her know how he feels, and it’s clear that he’s feeling anxious about this.

Unfortunately, Joe’s conversation with Kendall turns everything upside down. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from the new sneak peek hint that when Amabile brings up the idea of an engagement to Long, she retorts that he can’t be serious. She’ll talk about how they tend to avoid serious conversations at all costs, and he will interject that he tries to get serious and that she is the one who avoids those types of conversations.

It looks like Joe will press this line of thinking even further, however. He will mention the idea that he might be getting down on bended knee within a few days, and this clearly freaks out Kendall. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that she’ll say she feels weird about all of this and needs to sleep on it as she bails on the conversation.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that Joe will feel pretty rattled by this encounter. He says he’s come to believe that they are really good together and that he is lost trying to figure out what suddenly changed.

Is this the end for Kendall and Joe?

As has previously been shared by the Inquisitr, the buzz is that Long and Amabile will call it quits while still in Mexico. However, gossip king Reality Steve has detailed that they stayed in touch and are currently dating. In fact, Joe and Kendall will have some quality time together this fall as he’s reportedly joining Dancing with the Stars. That means that he will be in Los Angeles near Kendall during his time doing the show.

Can commitment-shy Kendall Long and “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile manage to go the distance with their relationship? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that there are a couple of engagements on the way with this Season 5 finale, but seeing this awkward conversation play out between Kendall and Joe will be rough for fans of the series to watch.