Meghan Markle And Kate Middleton Are Feuding, And It’s ‘P***ing Off’ The Royal Family, According To Reports

Michael SteeleGetty Images

Meghan Markle and her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, are reportedly feuding so intensely that it’s threatening the peace within the royal family, and brothers Prince Harry and Prince William are reportedly planning an “intervention,” The Hollywood Gossip is reporting.

An “insider source” close to the royal family makes the shocking claims. As is always the case with these “insider sources,” however, the information they provide can be suspect and can also be tricky to independently verify. Nevertheless, if the source’s claim is true, it could spell disaster for the family.

According to the snitch, the two sisters-in-law are feuding because Meghan is jealous of Kate. Kate, unlike Meghan, is actually English, unlike American Meghan. She’s been with the family longer. She’s married to the future king. And, most importantly, according to the source, Meghan is jealous that Kate is the mother of three royal children, one of whom, Prince George, will someday be the king of England.

“Meghan can’t help but be jealous… she’s lying if she says she isn’t.”

Similarly, according to In Touch Weekly, Kate is less interested in being a good sister-in-law to Meghan and more interested in keeping up appearances with Queen Elizabeth.

“Meghan learned everything she knows from Kate. But since the wedding, Kate feels like Meghan has barely made any effort with her and is more interested in impressing the Queen.”

Meanwhile, news of the beef between the two women has made it to Queen Elizabeth’s ears, and she is none too happy about it.

“She said something had to be done. She wants to resolve the issue once and for all. The last thing the queen wants is a full-blown crisis at the palace.”

The two Princes, Harry and William, are reportedly keen on keeping peace not just between their wives, but within the royal family in general – so much so that they’re supposedly planning on staging an “intervention” to smooth things over.

If the rumors of a Kate-Meghan feud are true, they contradict just about everything that’s been reported about their relationship so far. By all accounts, Meghan has been welcomed into the royal family with open arms, having become the apple of the eye of her father-in-law, Prince Charles, and having been warmly welcomed by the Queen. Similarly, Meghan’s skill in the kitchen has reportedly gotten her in good with her nephew, Prince George, and niece, Princess Charlotte, by reportedly bringing them homemade snacks.

Of course, it could all very well be a calculated public image campaign by Kensington Palace. Or it could be that the “anonymous insider source” is getting paid handsomely to simply make things up about the two sisters-in-law.