Amanda Bynes Posts Selfie As She Returns To Social Media

Brian AchGetty Images

After a pretty long hiatus from social media, Amanda Bynes is back in action!

Prior to her first post in months on September 4, Bynes had ben absent from her Twitter account since February, when she posted a photo of herself and two gal pals at dinner together. She then came back to the social media platform last week, posting a photo of herself with Neil Meron, the producer of the hit film Hairspray.

A few days later, Bynes re-emerged once again to pay tribute to the late Mac Miller with a few screenshots of a Twitter exchange that the pair had.

“I only got to know you a little bit, but you were such a sweet guy. Rest in Peace Mac,” she wrote.

And earlier today, Bynes treated fans to her first selfie in quite some time. In the image, Bynes holds up the camera to her face as she sits in a car with the seatbelt strung across her chest. Bynes wears her hair parted to the side as she also rocks a top-knot, eyeliner, and subtle lipgloss.

Thus far, the post has already gained a lot of attention with over 900 comments, 1,900 retweets, and 23,000 favorites. Many commented on the photo to welcome Amanda back to social media while countless others couldn’t help but comment on how good she looks.

“This is a perfect pic to post. looks amazing. I’m SO happy for her. I would love to see her on the big screen soon. Amanda, you have some of the best comedic timing I’ve ever seen. Love you lots, and hope you’re as happy as you look.”

“Welcome back to Twitter Amanda we missed you xoxo,” another commented.

“I love you so much, hope you’re doing great,” one more wrote.

As the Inquisitr shared last month, Amanda has been doing incredibly well in her recovery after facing multiple issues in 2012 including two DUIs and two hit and run charges. Amanda’s mother, Lynn, was named conservator over her daughter in 2014 but since Bynes has been doing so well lately, her mother recently let Amanda take over her finances again.

Bynes also returned to her Instagram page back in June, where she thanked fans for all of their continued support over the years.

“My dearest fans, thank you for all the support throughout the year and every year. I know I’ve been so quiet lately, I just felt that I needed my personal space and that it’d be better for me but it never was … just know that you’re my happiness.”

Glad to see that Amanda is finally on the up and up!