‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoilers: Kevin And Astrid Face Trouble As He Tells Her ‘Something’s Missing’

Paul HebertABC

Monday night brings the Season 5 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, with a reunion show slated to air Tuesday night on ABC. Kevin Wendt and Astrid Loch have been perhaps the most solid couple since this summer’s journey started, but a new sneak peek suggests that a shocker is on the way.

Last week, viewers watched as Kevin Wendt’s Bachelor Winter Games gal Ashley Iaconetti got engaged to Jared Haibon on the Paradise beach. This rattled Kevin and it looks like it may take a toll on his relationship with Astrid Loch. Unfortunately, spoilers suggest that Astrid isn’t going to see it coming.

E! News shares a preview into Monday’s show, and Loch is seen talking about how she doesn’t feel that she needs to get engaged at this point. However, she adds she wouldn’t say no if Wendt asked. Kevin and Astrid will connect and sit out on the beach to have a talk, and he’ll clearly be feeling anxious.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that he’ll admit he’s essentially having a mental breakdown, and she’ll try to calm him down. Kevin will talk about how he and Astrid are perfect for one another in terms of their personalities, but he doesn’t think that’s necessarily the case when it comes to their lifestyles. Wendt adds that he thinks Loch is the brightest star he’s ever met, but something is missing with him.

Astrid asks Kevin is he’s breaking up with her, and naturally, that’s where the sneak peek ends. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from ABC note that a lovesick and confused bachelor will still be rattled after a tough conversation with his gal as they head into the rose ceremony, and it sounds as if this probably refers to Wendt and Loch.

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, Astrid gives Kevin her rose and he accepts it. However, Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that these two do split rather than head to the fantasy suite as a couple the next day. This will surely leave fans rattled, but there is good news about where things stand between Wendt and Loch now.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have revealed that Kevin and Astrid reunited on their own shortly after filming ended, and it sounds as if they’ve spent quite a bit of time together since then. As of the reunion show, which was pre-taped not long ago, they are still together. There’s no engagement in place for these two yet, but it sounds as if they are doing pretty well and might have a shot at making it.

Could Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt end up being another successful long-term success story for Bachelor in Paradise? Spoilers tease that Monday night’s finale and Tuesday’s reunion are filled with juicy developments and fans won’t want to miss any of the chaos.