September 10, 2018
The Top 5 Sexiest Photos Of Kelsey Merritt, Victoria's Secret's First Filipino Fashion Show Model

As was reported at the Inquisitr last week, Kelsey Merritt did indeed become one of the newest Victoria's Secret models to walk the runway during their upcoming annual fashion show. Merritt, who works out of New York, Los Angeles, and Milan, was born in the Philippines and is a historic first for Victoria's Secret. While several models have done photo shoots for the famous catalog and their online campaigns, including several other models from the Philippines, Merritt will be the first ever to walk in the fashion show, per Harper's Bazaar.

Her latest campaign for Victoria's Secret was the panty sale that ran over Labor Day weekend. It was then that Victoria's Secret began following her social media profiles that the world got the first indication she may already have made their short list of models ready to make the jump to the fashion show. While walking the runway one year is no guarantee that a return engagement is secured for the next, it seems as if Merritt has been securing a place in the VS family and many are speculating she may be around the brand for years to come, particularly as making a push into the Asian markets is a priority.

It is rumored that Merritt may become the face of Victoria's Secret in Asia. They have been slowly expanding operations throughout Hong Kong and Japan; however, the company is looking to be more aggressive in staking a claim throughout the region. For Merritt, this could be very good news and provide the basis for a long-term relationship with the famous brand.The word on Merritt professionally is that she is very easy to work with and takes direction well. They say that while she is good in group work, she excels one on one doing solo photo shoots. Unlike many more famous counterparts, Merritt is not an entourage person, usually preferring to work with only one representative of her agency on hand.One of the factors that contributed to Merritt landing the fashion show is that she is fierce on the runway. She has a great walk, is always prepared, and needs very little prep time to transition from one outfit to another. When it comes to keeping the pace at a frantic show, Merritt is regarded as a pro.She has not discussed whether she will work on other campaigns prior to walking for VS in the fashion show, but as is the case with many first-timers, she may cut back her schedule to only previously booked engagements to help get prepared. While it may seem to the casual observer that walking a runway is very easy, it takes time to prepare, there are fittings, and many other arrangements to be made.Since news broke last week on the Inquisitr that Victoria's Secret had followed Merritt on social media, her follower numbers have jumped by nearly 15 percent, and it is a safe bet they will really take off now. Congratulations and best of luck to Kelsey Merritt on her first, and a very historic, Victoria's Secret annual fashion show.