Post Malone Target Of $20K Home Invasion

Rich FuryGetty Images

Post Malone was almost the victim of a home invasion robbery by armed criminals, one that saw one of the house’s residents assaulted, but with one twist that the rapper is thanking his lucky stars for. The home that the robbers broke into is one that Malone no longer lives in, according to reports from TMZ.

According to information gathered from a source in law enforcement, Malone’s former home in the San Fernando Valley was targeted just after midnight on September 1. Three men broke one of the house’s front windows and entered the house. According to reports, one of the inhabitants was on the receiving end of a pistol whipping.

Throughout the home invasion, the robbers repeatedly shouted, “Where’s Post Malone?” As the rapper no longer lived there, they were forced to settle on stealing about $20,000 worth of cash, jewelry, and cell phones. The constant requests for Malone make it clear that they were looking for the Texas rapper, but Malone had moved out of the house months ago.

According to the source in law enforcement, those living in the house now have no connection to the superstar rapper, a very lucky break for Malone but an unfortunate twist in a terrible night for the home’s current residents.

Law enforcement said the robbery may be tied to another celebrity home invasion that occurred only hours later. Reports from TMZ show that later that night, the rap group Rae Sremmurd was the victim of a break-in at the home they were staying at where a safe was stolen.

Parts of the report from the Sremmurd robbery do match the Malone home invasion. In this situation, four men knocked on the door of the group’s San Fernando Valley home around 4:30 a.m. When a security guard opened the door, the robbers pistol-whipped the man and requested to be taken to the safe, eventually leaving with the whole thing. From reports, it is clear that Slim Jxmmi was home for the event while Rae Sremmurd’s other member Swae Lee was not.

Celebrity homes in the San Fernando Valley have been a consistent target for home invasions over the course of the past few weeks. Among those that have become victims of the break-ins include Wiz Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Christina Milian, Yasiel Puig, and John Mayer. While it’s too early to say whether there is a connection between all of these robberies, there is no doubt that celebrities have to look at the affluent neighborhood with some level of concern now.