‘Big Brother’ Has Still Not Been Renewed For Season 21

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Fans of Big Brother have begun to shake in their boots as there has been no renewal announcement for another season. At the moment, it appears Big Brother will end with Season 20, and the controversy surrounding CBS head Les Moonves has viewers running scared. Julie Chen, Les’s wife, has not spoken out about Season 21 and has not confirmed or denied if she will be around after this season’s end.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, it’s unclear if Julie will even appear this Thursday for the live show after more women came forward with allegations against her husband this weekend. REALvegas4sure has noted that the ratings for Season 20 are down in comparison to Season 19, but are not horrible.

The behind-the-scenes account said many are panicking regarding the renewal as it normally would have happened by this point in the year. The account noted that Julie’s team has not commented on if or when she will come back after Les’s resignation was announced today. Julie admitted she would stand by her man when the first allegations came about weeks ago, but she has not spoken up since today’s news.

The hashtag “SaveBBUSA” is gaining traction online among fans and alumni of the show alike. Season 20’s Swaggy C has spoken out regarding the renewal letting his followers know he wouldn’t let the show die.

Cast of Big Brother season 20
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“We not ’bout to let our show die… No matter if you love or hate Swaggy… love or hate Bayleigh… or love or hate Level 6….. We ALL LOVE BIG BROTHER,” he tweeted Sunday night.

Hundreds of fans are tweeting to save Big Brother and are awaiting some positive news from CBS any day now.

“Oh NO we are not about to lose our show over Leslie Moonpie. SAVE BIG BROTHER! SAVE IT JESUS,” popular Big Brother tweeter Mel Brown proclaimed.

“#SaveBBUSA Y’all not cancelling this show before I got a chance to play. Americans helped save BBCAN so who’s to say we’re not gonna save our own show too. #BB20,” another fan tweeted.

The cancellation of Big Brother would come as quite the shock as the show is one of the network’s most popular reality series. Along with The Amazing Race and Survivor, CBS has three of the most well-known and longest-running competition series of all time.

Stay tuned with the Inquisitr for all updates regarding the renewal or cancellation of Big Brother.

Big Brother airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST, and every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.