Three Upcoming Horror Movies Fans Are Most Anticipating

With The Nun opening recently and pulling numbers which top $131 million, according to Deadline, 2018 has been a powerhouse year for horror. The horror movie resurgence was officially palpable when the recent adaptation of Stephen King’s IT became a 2017 major blockbuster despite an R-rating. It went on to be the highest grossing horror film of all time.

Since then, a number of horror films have come out that defied expectations. A24’s Hereditary shocked audiences and left viewers in disbelief, becoming the independent movie studio’s highest grossing box office take. Paramount’s major success, A Quiet Place, also hit well with movie audiences and critics. The Meg was more of an action film, but touted a horror movie premise following in the footsteps of movies like Jaws. It surpassed the expectations of movie execs by a huge margin.

The interesting thing is that 2018 hasn’t even played all the cards in its horror movie deck. With plenty of horror films still on the horizon for this year, here’s a look at what horror movie fans still have to look forward to in 2018.

The Predator

One part action movie, one part sci-fi, and one part horror, The Predator stars a cast featuring Olivia Munn and hopes to reignite interest in a franchise that has been lying dormant for nearly a decade. Can Fox pull off another Predator film that lives up the original, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Time will tell.

The Predator will hunt down movie audiences next week, September 14.


The original was directed by Dario Argento and is considered hallowed ground by many, but after a number of positive reviews at the Venice Film Festival, it’s clear Suspiria has kicked up some major buzz. It’s the debut of Thom Yorke as a composer, as he wrote all of the film’s original score.

Suspiria is set for release October 26.


This was already probably in the bag for being a solid box-office bet, but a universally-praised premiere at last night’s Toronto International Film Festival all but solidified the movie as horror’s biggest movie. Jamie Lee Curtis is returning to play Laurie Strode, Nick Castle is donning the Michael Myers mask once again, and the director, with the blessing of John Carpenter, has done away with every sequel coming before it.

Halloween opens October 19.

The year 2019 also has its share of horror films coming up, including adaptations for Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, as well as the highly anticipated IT: Chapter Two.