Pet Tech: Gadgets For The Tech Savvy Pet Owner

With an increasing number of Millennials becoming pet owners, the pet industry is shifting to produce more high-tech products. Animal lovers who are starting to think of how pets can benefit from human technological advances are increasing in number as well.

According to the Pawsible Market, Millennials have taken the crown from Baby Boomers as the generation with the highest percentage of pet owners. The younger generation makes up 35 percent of pet owners in the United States compared to Baby Boomers who make up 32 percent. The growing number of tech-savvy Millennial pet owners may have started a new trend in the pet industry; namely, pet tech.

Pet Safe has a variety of products for the tech-savvy pet owners. In the Play and Challenge category, the site has a good number of interesting toys for cats. There is the FroliCat Pounce rotating cat teaser which features an electronic mouse going around in an endless circle and the FroliCat Flik Automatic Cat Teaser which flicks a string out and reigns it back in teasingly. Then there is the FroliCat laser toy which shoots out laser patterns — an all-time favorite game for cats and sometimes even dogs.

There are tech toys made with dogs in mind, too. USA Today labeled the iFetch Too Interactive Ball Launcher a gadget any dog would love in its 2018 National Dog Day article. iFetch can shoot balls out at 10, 20, and 30 feet. All pet owners have to do is train their dogs to return the ball to the machine for endless fun.

There is one other Pet Safe item that might be useful for busy pet parents., It is the Digital Two-Meal Pet Feeder, which allows owners to schedule feedings in advance. The feeder has two trays which can each contain up to 190 grams of dry food. Owners will have to fill the trays with the amount of food they want their pet to eat during each meal. The trays have an automatic lid that will open at the time pet owners have set for meals. Pet parents can program the feeder four days in advance.

The Pet Safe Digital Two-Meal Pet Feeder is ideal for smaller animals like cats or toy dogs. Pet parents who own bigger dogs might be interested in something like the Aspen Pet Lebistro Programmable Food Dispenser. According to USA Today, the Aspen food dispenser can be programmed to release food up to 3 times a day in portions ranging from ¼ to 3 cups of dry food per serving.

The gadgets listed above are just some examples of how technology has started to enter the pet industry. As pets become more common in the household, it is expected that more animal lovers will come up with gadgets for pet owners.