High School Football Team Rallies Around Quarterback Scott Tibbetts, Brother Of Mollie Tibbetts

Scott Tibbetts is the quarterback for an undefeated high school football team, and he needs the support of his fellow players now more than ever. Scott’s sister, Mollie Tibbetts, was tragically murdered after refusing advances from a man who became enraged, killing her. She was out for a solo jog when her life was cut short.

Fox 4 KC reports that Tibbetts is the quarterback for Brooklyn-Guernsey-Malcolm High School (BGM). The Tibbetts’ family is from Brooklyn, Iowa, a small town of only about 1,500. The high school serves students from their town as well as neighboring towns. Brooklyn is so small, that all the residents know one another. Naturally, they were all stunned by Mollie’s tragic murder.

The team is doing their part to honor Mollie’s memory by playing hard and supporting their teammate during a difficult time. Their jerseys bear Mollie’s initials, set inside a heart with wings. One of Scott’s teammates said that football helps them clear their minds from the recent tragedy.

Currently, the team is undefeated and won their most recent game 56-0. As quarterback, Scott plays a pivotal role in bringing the team to victory each week.

The whole community is coming together to support the Tibbetts family and learn more about the events that led to the horrible crime, so it can never happen again. Officials met on Thursday with representatives from Yarrabee Farms, which reportedly had employed the man who is charged with murdering Mollie.

The farm is owned by the Lang family. Craig Lang is a former candidate for Iowa agricultural secretary, and the farm has been cooperating with officials fully in the investigation.

Agents from the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement are heading the investigation. The man accused of murdering Mollie was in the United States illegally, which is why immigration and customs is involved.

Following Mollie’s death, many political figures attempted to cite her alleged murder by an illegal immigrant as a reason for greater enforcement of immigration laws. Mollie’s family has consistently requested that politics be kept out of the narrative of her death, and also emphasized that Mollie herself found anti-immigrant viewpoints to be racist.

Mollie went missing while jogging on July 18, 2018. Police searched for a month before their suspect, Christhian Behena Rivera, led them to her body in a cornfield in August.

Rivera allegedly became enraged when Mollie refused to engage with him. Mollie’s cause of death was ruled a homicide by the coroner.