‘Big Brother’ Host Julie Chen Discusses Tyler’s Chances Of Winning

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Warning: This article contains potential spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

Tyler Crispen has been a fan-favorite on Season 20 of Big Brother for his tremendous gameplay and likable personality. Whether he can walk away as the winner of the season remains to be seen, and is a topic often discussed between members of the Big Brother fandom.

After every Thursdays’ live eviction, host Julie Chen sits down with Entertainment Weekly to give her insight on the events of the past week and the fate of the remaining houseguests. When asked about Tyler’s biggest competition in the house, Julie seemed to agree with Big Brother alum Derek Levasseur, who appeared on Thursday’s episode. Derek believes Kaycee Clark is Tyler’s biggest competition and could beat him single-handedly on finale night.

“She has won her fair share of competitions (including this week’s HOH) and she doesn’t have any enemies. She is a big threat. Plus, she would have the same friends as Tyler on the jury. But, unlike Tyler, she doesn’t have multiple final two deals. Sooner or later, Tyler will have to answer to all his final two people and explain how/why he did or did not honor each deal,” she commented.

Kaycee Clark of BB20
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As the Inquisitr previously reported, Tyler has been stewing in his own hot water after making final two deals with almost everyone in the house. Currently, Tyler has no deal with Haleigh Broucher, who is set to be evicted this Thursday, meaning he will have a deal with everyone by the time the week is over. This is something that won’t sit well with a full jury which will contain at least four people he made a final two deal with if he makes it to the end.

Kaycee only has one final two deal with Tyler and seems to be fairly loyal to the Hilton Head native. Despite being close with Angela Rummans, Kaycee will likely choose Tyler over Angela if she has the opportunity to when it hits the final three. Kaycee is currently fresh off her third Power of Veto win, keeping her in full control of her HOH this week. The new POV win marks five competition wins for the footballer who remained under the radar for the first half of the game. Kaycee has also maintained friendships with everyone in the house and hasn’t burned any bridges thus far.

Tyler of BB20
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If Tyler wants a shot at winning the $500,000 on finale night, he needs to make sure he is not sitting next to Kaycee. Julie also admitted Kaycee’s best game move this week would be to target Tyler and knock him out, but then also joked that would be her biggest mistake since all the other houseguests value him. Kaycee ended up nominating Haleigh and Sam Bledsoe and is not changing her nominations after winning the POV.

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