Matt Bomer Flashes Pearly Whites During ‘Papi Chulo’ Premiere

Presley Ann/StringerGetty Images

Matt Bomer gave White Collar fans a taste of nostalgia as he stepped onto the red carpet for the premiere of his new movie Papi Chulo donning a suave charcoal-colored suit and blue button-down shirt, similar to something his old character Neal Caffrey would have worn in the old USA series.

The 40-year-old actor flashed his pearly whites as he posed for the cameras with his co-star Alejandro Patino as well as the director of the film John Butler. According to Just Jared, Matt, Alejandro, and John had spent the day attending a few different press events during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival to promote Papi Chulo.

During an interview with IMDb – which can be viewed in the clip at the top of this article – Matt, Alejandro, and John opened up about the movie coined as a comedy about loneliness. The plotline of the movie follows the unusual friendship that forms between a lonely TV weatherman (played by Bomer) and a middle-aged Latino migrant worker (played by Patino).

According to Butler, the film stemmed from a fascination with the relationships between the working-class Latino community and the middle-class white community in L.A.

John explained that on the surface these relationships appeared to be nothing more than “transactional” such as that between a homeowner and a gardener. John, however, continued to explain that when you look a little deeper there is a real emotional connection as well.

In the movie, Matt’s character makes a very subtle shift from paying Patino’s character to paint his deck to paying him to be his friend. The interviewer noted the film gave fans of Bomer a chance to see him show a comedic side he hadn’t before. Bomer opened up about how the very first time he read the script of the movie he fell in love with it because of “how human” it was.

As a well-known weatherman in the movie, there were scenes where Bomer’s character would “play stupid” and tell individuals who recognized him as the weatherman that it wasn’t him and he just looked a lot like him.

Matt coyly revealed that this was something he had done in real life a few times when someone recognized him in public at a time that wasn’t convenient for him to stop. While he said it was only something that happened a handful of times as he’s usually willing to stop and engage fans, he admitted the instances of him using this as a reason not to stop typically happened when he was with his children.

Matt’s film Papi Chulo has a release date in the United States of March 8, 2019.