Prince Harry Cries As He Shares Emotional Hug With Mother Of Deceased Helmand Comrade Soldier

Charles Dharapak Getty Images

Prince Harry is not afraid to show emotions, and show them he did as he embraced the mother of his friend, Nathan Hunt, who protected the prince during his military service.

Nathan Hunt served with the prince in Afghanistan in the Helmand province, and was often mentioned for his heroic actions in dispatches sent from the region. Harry cried as he embraced Hunt’s mother when the two met at a charity fundraiser.

Hunt’s mother, Maria Hunt, said she had practiced a greeting for when she met Harry, but she did not get a chance to do it because the prince embraced her straightaway.

“I’d spent a week practicing a little bow for when I met Harry, but he didn’t give me the chance. He just pulled me into his arms,” she said. “When I looked up, Harry had a tear on his cheek. It was very emotional because he knew my son well. They went through a lot together. He is so warm and caring and so was Meghan.”

Maria and her husband, Derek, are still grieving for Nathan, who took his own life after a lengthy battle with PTSD, which affects many military veterans. Hunt was a warrant officer who served alongside the prince during his military days. Harry told them he remembered Nathan for his strong sense of professionalism, as well as his great sense of humor.

The event where Harry was able to meet the Hunts was the 100 Days of Peace Concert, which he attended with Meghan. Harry completed two tours of duty in Afghanistan. As a royal, Harry was honorary commander of the Royal Air Force, but was not officially a member. He did serve in the British Army for 10 years, which is where he completed his two tours of duty. He rose to the rank of captain in the Army.

Though once known as quite goofy, the jovial Harry took to military life surprisingly well. He trained for three years and earned his qualification as an Apache helicopter commander in 2013. He later revealed that during his tour he was a co-pilot gunner. In that role, he shared flying duties and did take shots at the enemy.

Many speculated whether Harry’s military service was authentic, and it seems it was as authentic as a royal can get while serving in the military. Unfortunately, along with the pride and patriotism, Harry must now deal with losing his close military comrades, such as Nathan Hunt.