The Top 5 Sexiest Model Photos From New York Fashion Week On Instagram

New York City is overrun with some of the sexiest models from around the world right now. That can only mean it is New York Fashion Week (NYFW), and the hottest designers in the world have the world’s hottest models walking runways and doing photo-shoots all over the city to announce and hype their newest fashion lines.

For designers, having the right model wear their clothes can make their line an instant success. Similarly for models, working for big names such as Armani, Gucci, or DKNY can launch a career. Just for fun, this all happens the same week that Victoria’s Secret runs callbacks for models to walk the runway for them in their annual show.

Along with annual shows in Paris, London, Milan, and Sao Paulo, NYFW is one of the most important shows of the year. If a line fails in New York, it is over. Better luck next year. If it hits, velvet ropes part and champagne corks explode as related at the NYFW website. It is an all-or-nothing venture. It is similar for younger models. If they work hard and impress, bigger and better work is possible.

Alexis Zoller of Florida is a name casual followers of models may not know, but she looked fantastic walking the runway this year for Joseph Lago. When she isn’t working as a session model, she is a teacher in Jacksonville. Walking the runway for NYFW has been a great opportunity and exposure for Zoller, who appears to be headed for bigger and better things.

Pauline Baly, known for her iconic “doll face,” walked for Harvey The Label, an Australian line that goes for looks that are classic with hints of edge. Baly is one of their biggest names and faces, and will also be walking the runway in Paris next, after a shoot following NYFW.

Jasmine Sanders, aka Golden Barbie, has been killing it this NYFW, even while getting the news that she won’t be walking in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. She has a reputation as a hard worker, and for being very gracious and respectful to the people behind the scenes that help her do what she does best.

Fendi Cruz is killing at NYFW, making some new lines really pop with some serious sex appeal. Working out of New York, it was no surprise this local talent was going to walk on a few runways this year, and it is easy to see why. She looks like she was poured into this dress, and has a smoldering look that demands attention.

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Finally, Arika Sato has been a force this NYFW, owning the runaway and walking multiple shows. Sato is always in demand for her amazing figure, and famously seductive strut. She is one of those treasured models for designers that can upscale anything she wears just by the way she carries herself.

There are still a few days left on the calendar for NYFW with some major shows on the way. A few big names are still scheduled to take their first walk on the runway, so it is a safe bet some great photos will come from those shows. Stay tuned to the Inquisitr for more updates from NYFW.