‘The Challenge’ Stars Make Bold Statement About Newcomers

Matt WinkelmeyerCBS

The Challenge has been one of the most successful series on MTV since it first debuted back in 1998. Currently in its 32nd season, The Challenge has steadily introduced contestants from several different reality series other than Real World and Road Rules. Several contestants this time around hail from Big Brother, Ex on the Beach, Are You the One?, and several U.K. MTV programs. Many of these newcomers from the last five years or so don’t sit well with longtime viewers of the show, as they seem to have different motives and play the game differently than others.

That’s just how veteran Challenge legend Chris “CT” Tamburello feels, and his feelings on the matter were put on display in a July interview with Rolling Stone. The interview has come back into the spotlight after a Challenge fan account tweeted CT’s sentiments on Sunday morning. In the interview, CT admitted he felt that many competitors on the series these days are playing a different strategic game where they behave a certain way to guarantee their spot on an upcoming season.

“Without saying any names, there’s some people on the show who are starting to look a little desperate. It’s like they’ll do anything to stay on these shows. A lot of people think they have to act a certain way or do certain things to secure their position in another Challenge. They’ll come in like, ‘Oh, I really need to hook up with someone this season or otherwise I don’t think I’ll get invited back.’ That’s sort of the mentality now,” he admitted.

CT’s comments were retweeted by fellow Challenge veterans Cara Maria Sorbello and Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio. This caused quite the conversation between Challenge viewers, some who disagreed with CT’s statements and others who stand firmly behind them.

“Sometimes I wish it would go back to when people just went all-in and they were proud to be themselves. They didn’t have to try and be something they weren’t. When you watch the show now, you can tell that people go on these shows and get the star effect. They specifically try to hook up with certain types of people in the hopes they’ll be partners on a future challenge. They also might pick a fight with a strong competitor in the hopes they’ll later be on the same team,” CT also commented.

Viewers have noticed a change in the show in the past several years, as it appears to be more about drama and hook-ups than actual challenges. There have been several episodes where there is no competition whatsoever, breaking the tradition of having a challenge and elimination in every episode like the original years.

You can see more from CT, Johnny, and Cara Maria every Tuesday on MTV when The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs at 9 p.m. EST.