Carly Waddell Reveals Kirk DeWindt Dumped Her Because Of Another Woman

Carly Waddell's shocking split from Kirk DeWindt surprised everyone this week on Bachelor in Paradise. It really seemed like their split came out of nowhere, but now Ali Fedotowsky has been able to get to the bottom of things. Ali spoke to Carly and shared all on her blog, Ali Luvs. Carly shared that there is more to this story than viewers got to see on the show.

Ali reached out to Carly because she was curious why on After Paradise, Kirk DeWindt brought up an ex-girlfriend. Nothing had been said about her before that moment. It turns out that this ex was the entire reason that Kirk called off his relationship with Carly Waddell so suddenly. Ali was able to get the scoop from Carly and shared it on her blog.

"We have talked a few times after paradise. Kirk actually had an ex at home that he couldn't get out of his he went back to pursue what he had left at home. He said the more the weeks went on...the more he felt like he was stepping backwards to her...instead of forwards with me."
Carly Waddell actually didn't bring this all up on After Paradise in hopes that Kirk would do it on his own. He didn't bring up the other girl either and Carly actually has no idea if he is now dating the ex again or not. Waddell shared that she has been on a few dates since the show, but she hasn't found love yet.

Kirk DeWindt has been receiving a hard time from fans since leaving the show. Carly shared that she has forgiven him regardless. Waddell shared that she loved him and that is what you do when you care about someone. Kirk even thanked the fans that have been nice to him on Twitter.

Viewers would love to hear if Kirk is back with the girl that he went home to see. Carly Waddell's heartbreak was one of the hardest splits to ever have to watch on television. At least Carly's best friend, Jade Roper found love with Tanner Tolbert, and these two are doing great.

Do you wish that Bachelor in Paradise would have shared that Kirk DeWindt left because of a girl back home? Hopefully Kirk will update fans soon since Carly Waddell has no clue if it worked out for him. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo source: Instagram]