Ted Cruz Says Democrats Want Texas To Be Like California, ‘Right Down To Tofu, And Silicon, And Dyed Hair’

Bob LeveyGetty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz, told his supporters at a rally Saturday that the Democratic Party wants to turn Texas into California, CNN reports.

Cruz painted an unflattering picture of California, listing stereotypes about the citizens of the liberal state, asserting that Democrats want Texans to be just like Californians.

“We are seeing tens of millions of dollars flooding into the state of Texas from liberals all over the country who desperately want to turn the state of Texas blue. They want us to be just like California, right down to tofu, and silicon, and dyed hair.”

Cruz also mentioned his wife, Heidi, describing her as a “California vegetarian.”

“She’s wonderful, but I brought her to the great state of Texas,” Senator Cruz said.

In the state of Texas, Cruz is competing against Democrat Beto O’Rourke. O’Rourke’s campaign has received national attention, and the Democrat is, according to recent NBC News/Marist Poll survey, within four points of Cruz. Only 6 percent of voters are undecided, 45 percent support O’Rourke, and 49 percent support Cruz.

If O’Rourke were to win, he would be the first Democrat to win a statewide seat in Texas since 1994.

At Saturday’s rally, according to CNN, Cruz slammed his Democratic opponent, accusing him of straying far to the left, and comparing him to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The fact that Cruz is ramping up his rhetoric, talking about “tofu, and silicon, and dyed hair” does not come as a surprise, considering the fact that top Republicans have reportedly acknowledged that Cruz is one of the weakest links, and that he could lose his bid for re-election.

The New York Times reported yesterday, after obtaining an audio recording from a Republican event in the city of New York, that two Republican leaders, Mick Mulvaney, the federal budget director, and Ronna McDaniel, the Republican National Committee chairwoman, assured donors and party officials that there will be no “blue wave” in midterms.

Both Mulvaney and McDaniel expressed concern over Ted Cruz’s lack of “likability.”

“There’s a very real possibility we will win a race for Senate in Florida and lose a race in Texas for Senate, O.K.? How likable is a candidate? That still counts,” Mulvaney said.

Ted Cruz’s lack of political charm is not their only concern. At the same event, Mulvaney and McDaniel pointed out that the “burning energy” among Democratic voters could turn out to be a major issue for the Republican Party. They also discussed President Trump’s divisive persona.