WWE Rumors: A New Stable Is Being Formed And Will Be Managed By Paul Heyman, Per ‘Still Real To Us’


A few weeks ago, fans watching Monday Night Raw saw The Shield come back together to seek justice in WWE. The next week, Braun Strowman sided with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre to form another partnership on Monday nights and one that is extremely strong. Now, there are rumors swirling that yet another stable could be formed soon and it would be led by none other than Paul Heyman.

If the rumors from Still Real To Us are true, Paul Heyman is about to get a stable of superstars to make his guys and girls. WWE has set up things for this to happen, but will it?

Ever since Brock Lesnar lost the WWE Universal Championship to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam, Heyman has been without anything to do. Lesnar is heading back to the world of MMA and he will be fighting once again in UFC, and that leaves Heyman without a client in WWE.

There have been rumors of Heyman being partnered with someone else and Inquisitr has reported that he could end up with Samoa Joe or Ronda Rousey, but nothing is confirmed. Now, one of those rumors is picking up steam and a couple of other names are being added to this possible stable on Raw.

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On a recent episode of the Barnburner podcast, the idea of a Paul Heyman-led stable was tossed around, and it seems to already have some backing in WWE. There is the possibility that Heyman will be given a number of superstars to guide as clients, and per Ringside News, that could be a former champion and a current champion.

“Paul Heyman/Kevin Owens. There is still some talk going around when Paul Heyman does return he’ll have a stable. Maybe Ronda Rousey, maybe Kevin Owens, maybe some other guys. But there’s still some talk within the WWE of having Paul Heyman run a stable.”

Paul Heyman is destined and designed to lead superstars and he’s done well with them in WWE. Some of his past clients include Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Cesaro, Curtis Axel, and others. In WCW, he led the Dangerous Alliance, which had a number of legendary members.

The version of the Dangerous Alliance in ECW was great as well. Fans also can’t forget that Heyman led the ECW stable during the WWF/WCW invasion back in 2001. He’s just perfect for the role of leader.

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Stables have long been a thing of the past in WWE even though there have been a few short-lived factions here and there. The Shield is back together. Braun Strowman has partnered up with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler for an interesting grouping. Now, the rumors are that Paul Heyman is about to get some new clients and form a strong stable of those who want to cause havoc in the WWE.