Steve Bannon Says Trump Is ‘Facing A Coup’, Calls Deep State Conspiracy An ‘In-Your-Face State’

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Ex-White House advisor — and co-founder of Breitbart News — Steve Bannon had a few dire warnings for President Donald Trump during a recent interview with Reuters, according to

This advice comes as Trump weathers a non-stop slew of negative media portrayal on several fronts, from the incessant Stormy Daniels allegations nipping at his heels as reported on by The Inquisitr, to the most recent news that former campaign assistant George Papadopoulos would face 14 days in prison after having plead guilty to lying to federal investigators, according to CNN. Joined by speculation that former Trump legal counsel Michael Cohen had “flipped” under pressure from the Mueller investigation — alongside an unannounced raid on Cohen’s legal office — and a bevy of tell-all books, the assault on the leader of the current United States administration seems relentless to say the least.

Referring to the most recent bump in the road for Donald Trump and the Republican Party — the anonymous op-ed submitted to The New York Times written by a supposed subversive mole inside the administration — Bannon called the constant efforts to stymie the efforts of Trump and company as a coup.

“What you saw the other day was as serious as it can get. This is a direct attack on the institutions… This is a coup, okay.”

Elaborating upon this point, Bannon spoke to the concept amongst conservative circles of a so-called “deep state” taking action against the sitting president, an amalgamation of corrupt intelligence agencies, media organs, and establishment political figures colluding to deny Trump his agenda and his duly elected authority. Described as a conspiracy theory by many mainstream media outlets, including The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as by Bannon himself in a twist of irony — the former advisor to Trump instead posits that there is nothing concealed or deep about the entrenched interests acting against the White House executive altogether.

Steve Bannon and Donald Trump sharing a board-room table.
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“There is a cabal of Republic establishment figures who believe Donald Trump is not fit to be president of the United States. This is a crisis… I am not a conspiracy guy … I have said there is no deep state. It is an in-your-face state.”

Bannon would continue on to warn other populists — those of a left-leaning persuasion such as Bernie Sanders in particular — of the dangers of promoting the narrative of the “in-your-face” state or establishment.

“Don’t think it will be any different if you take power. Because this is the established order dictating that they know better than the people.”

Despite having been turfed by Trump early on in his first term of office, according to Reuters, it would appear that Steve Bannon is still pulling for the Trump administration and the political orthodoxy that it represents.