Police Investigating LeSean McCoy Find No Incriminating Evidence, ‘ESPN’ Reports

Mike EhrmannGetty Images

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy was accused of taking part in an armed robbery and aggravated assault, but so far police have been unable to uncover evidence tying the football star to the crime, ESPN reports.

The incident took place at a home McCoy owns in Milton, Georgia. On July 10, 2018, McCoy’s ex-girlfriend Delicia Cordon was beaten and robbed in the home, and among items stolen were jewelry gifted by McCoy that he allegedly had asked her to return previously. Because of this and comments made to her by her assailant, Cordon believes that McCoy was involved in the robbery and may have orchestrated it.

On August 10, 2018, Delicia Cordon and a friend, Elizabeth Donald, both filed suit against McCoy for his alleged knowledge of the robbery and assault. They also claim he has beaten Delicia, his son, and abused his dog along with using performance-enhancing drugs. McCoy was named in the suit along with a friend and former University of Pittsburgh teammate, Tamarcus Porter.

McCoy has denied all allegations, and police have reportedly found no evidence that he hired someone or was aware of the robbery taking place on July 10. Cordon maintains that the assailant indicated he knew McCoy and also found it suspicious that the jewelry he had asked for was stolen, even telling the 911 dispatcher who answered the call that she suspected McCoy of setting her up.

The Buffalo Bills have stood behind the football star, and he has even been elected team captain for the first time in his tenure with the team. McCoy indicated that his focus is on football as well, and not the allegations and rumors swirling since the lawsuit was filed. He spoke publicly on the matter this week, which is the first time he has commented on it since last month.

“I’ll take care of that stuff,” McCoy said Wednesday. “But right now, the only thing I can worry about is the Baltimore Ravens and keeping everything the same with that. Just focusing in on this big week for me, Week 1.”

The lawsuit does not accuse Porter or McCoy of participating directly in the attack, but it does state that McCoy had “actual and constructive knowledge of criminal activity existing on the property on July 10, 2018.” That statement is based on the fact that Porter told police he could watch a live security feed of events at the home. However, it is unclear if the feed was regularly monitored or if Porter was merely explaining that it could be accessed.