Rob Gronkowksi’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Performs Sexy Dance At NYFW, ‘Feeling Herself’ On Instagram

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Taking some time out during the Maybelline social as part of New York Fashion Week to get down and dirty, Sports Illustrated model Camille Kostek shared a devilishly provocative dance to Instagram earlier today. Posted on the popular social media platform just less than an hour ago as of the writing of this article, the short clip has already attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of supportive comments.

Captioned “feeling myself last night in my @revolve #karlxkaiaxrevolve jumpsuit at the @maybelline✖️NYFW party???? #MaybellinePartner makeup by @josephcarrillo @maybelline#NeverNotDancing????,” Kostek gave a few shout-outs to all those responsible for putting together the perfect storm of urban ambiance, haute couture stylings, and pumping party music to allow her to let loose.

As she describes in her Instagram caption, Kostek can be seen wearing a tight black jumpsuit with silver piping, the thin fabric hugging the model’s curves as she sways to the booming bass of the music. Tousling her hair with a free hand and staring straight into the camera, Kostek can’t help but hide the bare hint of a smile as she swings her hips on her own impromptu dance floor. Bright crimson lipstick accentuates her lips, her mascara and eyeshadow offering a degree of contrast come together in a perfect melange of contemporary beauty.

Kostek has been stepping out with serious sartorial street-cred lately, as reported on by The Inquisitr, having recently been spotted hitting the sidewalks of the Big Apple wearing high-waisted capris and a barely-there top in a brave statement. Girlfriend to New England Patriots star tight-end Rob Gronkowski, with whom she has been sharing a romantic relationship for over three years, Kostek seems poised to capture her own degree of fame in the fashion and modeling industry.

Camille Kostek has become a symbol of self-acceptance for young girls and women, having spoken out about the importance of positive body image in an interview conducted with Haute Living earlier this year.

“When I was young, the way I was brought up, my mom made me feel comfortable in my own skin. I discovered Sports Illustrated when I was 15. As women, we can’t help but compare ourselves, but when I saw the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, I found a model I could relate to. The girls were stunningly beautiful, but all of the girls looked normal. I wanted to see a model who had hips, thighs and freckles like me. In 2015, I signed my first agency in Boston. By the end of 2016, I came out to LA and wanted to solidify an agent. I was discouraged meeting agents, who told me to take a certain amount of weight off. I could have taken my body to that extreme, but that’s not what I stand for as an older sister and a female. I was able to present myself to Sports Illustrated without an agent in a 60-second video talking about my real-life experience and how I got here. I have had 12-year-olds and 45-year-olds reach out to me saying they’re excited to put on a dance costume or swimsuit because of me. I want everyone to be comfortable in their own skin. Everything changes when you accept who and how you are.”

It seems eminently clear that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model and former cheerleader for the Patriots is comfortable in her own skin and not averse to having a bit of impromptu fun — important qualities to consider for anyone looking to live a full and enjoyable life. From her recent vacations to Jamaica and the United States Virgin Islands — the former with beau Rob Gronkowski in tow — it’s becoming obvious that Kostek is a woman who can appreciate that there is a time for work, a time for play, and a time for both at the same time.

It would seem her fans and followers on Instagram agree, with the overwhelming response to her fashion week frolic being one of unanimous praise and gentle amusement.