Rumors And Signs Point To Potential Meghan Markle Pregnancy

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Since their wedding in May, people have been wondering when Prince Harry and his new wife, Meghan Markle, are going to start a family of their own. They’ve recently added a dog to their household, and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, will be moving to be closer to her daughter.

While these might seem like innocuous happenstances, they might point toward the arrival of a new royal baby. No family is complete without a dog, and Doria might be moving closer so she can watch her grandchild grow up. Not to mention, Meghan and her husband have been very affectionate with one another, and are reportedly “inseparable.”

According to Mirror, Harry was even spotted rubbing Meghan’s back at a charity event while they greeted an ill child. This is a sweet display of PDA, but it also implies that the two are definitely on good terms and very in-love. With their marital relationship on solid ground, they might be discussing children more seriously.

A royal source told Entertainment Tonight that Harry is very excited to become a father.

“Prince Harry, particularly, is very keen to start a family, pretty soon after the royal wedding. He’s made no secret about wanting children.”

Recent signs have even pointed toward Meghan already being pregnant. She recently wore a ruffled blue dress to a charity concert recently, which has led many to believe that she is hiding a baby bump underneath all the fabric. Others disagree, saying that its too soon for them to begin thinking about children — especially with all of their royal duties getting in the way.

According to Cosmopolitan, they might be focusing on other matters right now.

“They wanted to hit the ground running after their marriage to focus on their charitable interests…she really is taking the new job part of her role seriously having meetings with palace staff and learning about the Commonwealth so she can support Harry in his new role as Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.”

However, there is one last sign pointing toward a potential pregnancy, and this one is far more convincing. Daily Star recently reported that Meghan’s mother, Doria, has been taking newborn care classes. Sources say she has been receiving these lessons at home in order to avoid rousing suspicion. If this is true, it would make perfect sense that Doria was moving closer to be a nanny for the child.

“Meghan wants to avoid hiring staff if possible once her first child arrives. The thought of having her mum move in with them and take on the role of baby nurse is the best possible solution to that. Even more so because it’s something Doria has always wanted to do anyway. She already specializes in prenatal yoga.”