Julianne Hough Makes A Splash In Black Bikini On Instagram

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Julianne Hough took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of her diving board adventures. The blonde beauty appears to have taken up diving as a new activity, and posted a video showing off her toned bikini body.

The Dancing With The Stars fan favorite appears in the video wearing a skimpy black bikini, highlighting her stunning figure. Hough stands on a diving board above a sparkling blue swimming pool, with scenic mountains rising up in the background. Hough raises her arms above her head, assumes a diving stance, and leaps into the pool, performing several elegant flips before slicing into the water. A few people in the background cheer as the star completes her perfect dive successfully.

The video continues with Hough attempting another dive. This time, the star appears to slip or jump prematurely from the diving board, and plunges into the water. Hough makes a huge splash as she lands on her side. The other swimmers can be heard shouting after the painful looking dive.

The camera zooms in to Hough’s face when she comes up to the surface, still all smiles. A voice asks, “You okay love?” Hough laughs at herself, and replies that she’s fine.

The dancer and actress shared the video, tagged in Sandy, Utah, with the humorous caption: “Expectation – Reality #NailedTheFirstOne #NewHobby #FirstTimeDiver.” Fans flooded her comments with supportive and encouraging messages, with the post receiving over 108,000 likes since it was posted earlier this afternoon.

“Why oh why do I love watching you dive so much?!!? I think it’s because you’re so fearless! I love that about you. Can you do a swan dive?” one user commented.

“Omg I hope it’s ok that I’m DYING laughing!! And surprised you didn’t get hurt!!” another posted.

One fan approached the video as a teachable moment.

“Totally showing this to my health classes!! You can screw up and still come out smiling!!! Hope you don’t mind! Go Hawks!”

Hough seems to be making the most of her summer, and has shared several posts with fans showing off her killer physique, as well as her physical and mental strength. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hough has faced some challenges lately due to living with endometriosis, and has been working to regain her strength while staying in tune with her body. Her hard work definitely seems to be paying off, and the star can now add diving to her list of accomplishments.