WWE News: Brutal Triple Powerbomb Botch From The Shield Leaves Dolph Ziggler In A Lot Of Pain


In the world of professional wrestling, there is so much training and precision that goes into each and every move to make sure no one is seriously hurt. All superstars need to take the highest precaution to protect their opponents and themselves, but sometimes, things just happen. That was the case in a WWE Live Event this weekend where a brutal botch took place and left Dolph Ziggler laying at the feet of The Shield.

Usually, the word “botch” in the wrestling world means a mistake or messed up move. Other times, it can simply refer to something that doesn’t go right, and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the fault of any of those taking part in the match.

On Friday night, there was a WWE Live Event in Birmingham, Alabama, which was a Monday Night Raw event for the fans. Those in attendance saw Finn Balor take down Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens defeat Zack Ryder, and Cedric Alexander successfully retain his WWE Cruiserweight Championship, as reported by E Wrestling News.

In the main event, Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman by disqualification, but the big-time action came after the match was over. Strowman’s new friends, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre, came out to take control, but that brought out the other members of The Shield.

Not long after that, the brutal table spot took place.

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Featured image credit: WWE

During the chaos after the match, The Shield banded together to take out Dolph Ziggler once and for all. They triple-teamed him and set him up for their patented Triple Powerbomb; they planned on putting Ziggler through a table that was set up in the ring.

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and in Birmingham, the fans didn’t get to see Ziggler put through a table. The table didn’t break, and the former World Heavyweight Champion took the full force on his back without any give.

As you can see by the reaction of Seth Rollins on the right, he was a bit surprised by the whole thing. The table should have broken, but the legs simply crumpled on both sides and forced Ziggler to take a lot more punishment than he should have taken.

According to Sportskeeda, The Shield didn’t want the fans to go home without a broken table, so, they gave it another shot. This time, they picked up Drew McIntyre and powerbombed him through a table to send the fans home happy.

Call it a “botch,” or a mistake, or a mess up, or just one of those weird things, but the table not breaking was not a good thing. Dolph Ziggler was going to be in some pain after the Triple Powerbomb on a table delivered by The Shield, but not as much as he ended up being in. That table not breaking at the WWE Live Event led to some improvisation and a bad back for “The Showoff.”