Marvel Comics Smartphone App Makes Mobile Reading Easy

Marvel Comics has an iPhone and Android application which makes it easy to read the comics. Amazon‘s Kindle has a “reader” that can host comics as well, but it seems a bit clunky and awkward, and the Marvel Comics app gives you more of a selection.

Comic books have been a popular pastime among the youth and some “young at heart” adults for generations. They also remain a source of pleasure well into adulthood despite the occasional terrible attempts and weak writing. reviewer Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara) has made a career out of pointing out the flaws in popular comic books, usually ending the review with “This comic s*cks!”

According to, Marvel Comics is one of the most famous comic book publishing houses. Marvel Comics was initially given a boost by such notable contributors as Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and has brought its library to Android and iPhone. Available since October 2011, the official application is now available for free in Google Play and iTunes.

On the movie front, The Inquisitr reports that Marvel Comics’ latest sequel to the popular series, Iron Man 3, will be in IMAX 3D theaters on April 25, 2013. American audiences will have to wait until May 3.

The Marvel ComicsAndroid and iPhone app shares the same architecture as the DC Comics and Comixology apps. It gives you a “natural” viewing structure that scrolls through each page panel by panel as you drag your finger from right to left. Comics are viewable by Series, Creator, Popularity, or Storylines, and there are hundreds of different options.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Graphicly did the same thing for computer browsers with HTML5 in June 2011.

The Marvel Comics app is made for smartphones and tablets running Android 2.x, as well as iPhone and iPad. As you can imagine, according to Into Mobile, the application allows you to browse comics and buy them while on the go, and also gives you free “sampler” comics just to try it out. Among the free comics are “Harley Davidson Avengers” issues one and two, and “Ultimate Spider-Man” #38.

Are you excited to see Marvel Comics bring your favorite comic books to the Android and iPhone?