Roger Stone Asking For More Donations To His Legal Defense Fund

Mark WilsonGetty Images

Roger Stone, the longtime GOP strategist and associate of President Donald Trump, has started emailing the press, asking for more donations to his legal defense fund.

Business Insider reported that Roger Stone emailed their headquarters earlier today, sending a photo that appears to be an ironic play on Nike’s recent, controversial advertising campaign.

“Believe in something. Even if it means Mueller will frame you,” is reportedly written on a black and white photo of Stone. A caption on the bottom of the photo emailed to BI reads “Just do it,” and there is also a link to Stone’s legal defense fund.

Clearly, Trump’s longtime ally is growing increasingly concerned over Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference. Yesterday, as Reuters reported, two of Roger Stone’s associates — comedian and talk show host Randy Credico, and right-wing commentator Jerome Corsi — were questioned by Mueller’s prosecutors.

Stone’s legal troubles began much earlier. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Stone exchanged messages with a hacker, Guccifer 2.0. Robert Mueller’s team claims that the individual using the pseudonym Guccifer 2.0 is, in fact, a tool of the Russian intelligence. Stone admitted to corresponding with Guccifer, and claimed, but later denied, being in correspondence with WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, according to the Guardian.

“Mueller may frame me for some bogus charge in order to silence me or induce me to testify against the president,” Stone said.

The Guardian also revealed that Roger Stone urged his supporters to donate to his legal defense fund via email. The Hill reported that Stone sent the following message to his supporters.

“I’m next on the crooked special prosecutor’s hit list because I’ve advised Donald Trump for the past 39 years. I am being targeted not because I committed a crime, but because the ‘deep state’ liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend President Donald J. Trump.”

Evidently, Stone’s attempt to get more donations have intensified, considering he emailed the Business Insider today.

Roger Stone is currently represented by two lawyers, but he told BI that he is looking into expanding his legal team. New additions will, according to Stone, be announced shortly.

As Haaretz reported, Stone recently said that he thinks Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump, Jr., is the next in line to be indicted in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe. The longtime Republican operative predicted that Mueller’s team will charge Trump, Jr. with lying to the FBI. Contrary to popular belief, Stone claims, Trump, Jr. will not be charged for meeting with a Russian at Trump Tower.