Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Camille Kostek Forgets Her Undershirt In Revealing Instagram Snapshot

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A windswept looking Camille Kostek took to popular social media platform Instagram earlier today to show off her natural curves, coyly captioning to the cleavage-baring shot with a simple “I forgot an undershirt.”

In the snapshot, Kostek can be seen with an energized, feisty look on her face as she looks out at the camera from behind carefree blond locks, one part obscuring parts of her face while the rest slides effortlessly down her shoulders to rest just above her chest. Wearing what appears to be a blend between a heavily altered suit jacket and a shawl — placed artfully over her chest and shoulders to obscure any potential nudity — Kostek is the picture of a wild and natural grace as captured by the lens.

Her arms akimbo, the former cheerleader for the New England Patriots and current girlfriend of Patriots tight-end Rob Gronkowski strikes a fierce and martial pose. Her fists look to be lightly clenched as if ready for combat, thumbs placed overtop. High-waisted black pants complete the ensemble, accented by a silver button closure.

The picture appears to have been captured in a professional portrait studio, with Kostek posing in front of a backgrounded wigh a nondescript gradient fade that lends a deep sense of contrast to the black and white photo.

Several high level artists contributed to the final product, with Kostek giving big shout outs to Andrew Day and his studio for the work on her hair, makeup artists Walton Nunez and Bryan Zaragoza for the cosmetics, and Zu Sb for the overall styling. At times, it can be forgotten that it takes a small army to prepare this sort of haute couture look, even on a model as stunning to begin with as the always attractive Kostek.

It appears that her ever-increasing and rabid fanbase tends to agree, with the vast majority of comments on Instagram being glowingly positive. “Smoke show,” writes one user going by the name of danieltannous1, while another follower — using the internet handle balancedbikinigirl — took the time to comment “Absolutely stunning.”

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Camille Kostek has been making headlines for her travel to VIP vacation destinations as late, according to the Boston Globe. Declaring her lifelong love of St. Thomas — a tropical locale nestled in the United States Virgin Islands — Kostek said in an interview with the publication that she is a big fan of the clear blue water and the steel drums of Jamaica as well. This should come as no surprise, as reported by The Inquisitr, as the model found herself vacationing in St. Thomas late last month.