Two-Thirds Of Millennials Sleep In The Nude, According To New Survey

A new survey from the mattress review site Mattress Advisor has found that two-thirds of millennials sleep in the nude, USA Today reports. It also found that the people who sleep nude reported having better sex and a more satisfying rest than people who wear pajamas to bed.

According to USA Today, the survey was conducted by a project manager at Mattress Advisor named Joe Mercurio. He says that he got responses from 1,000 people in the U.S. and that close to 60 percent of them admitted that they enjoy sleeping in the buff.

More millennials love sleeping naked compared to their baby boomer parents/grandparents. While close to 65 percent of the millennial respondents said that they ditch their clothes before bed, just about 40 percent of baby boomers said that they do so.

As we mentioned earlier, survey takers revealed they enjoyed some great benefits, thanks to sleeping nude. People who go to bed naked reportedly said that they have more sex than people who don’t. This correlates to another finding from the survey, that more people who sleep nude are in relationships. Close to 75 percent of respondents who slept nude said that they were in a relationship and half of them said they were with a partner who also goes to bed naked.

The survey responses also indicate that men are more likely to sleep nude than women. But lots of women, over half, reported that they did so.

As for the claim that sleeping naked leads to better sleep, there’s some scientific research to back this up. As Forbes reports, a study by the University of Amsterdam found that people sleep better when their skin temperature has been lowered. Sleeping without clothes helps you to do that so that you can enjoy a deeper, lengthier rest. This also leads to improved overall health.

Of course, being naked while you sleep can lead to some awkward situations. Respondents said that one of the downsides of the practice includes the embarrassment of having to wake up and leave the house in an emergency. There’s also a risk of having someone like your roommate, for example, walk in on you while you’re sleeping in nothing but your birthday suit.

But it’s clear that for the people who love doing it, the advantages of sleeping nude outweigh the disadvantages. Some of the respondents said that it simply made them feel “more comfortable,” and almost 20 percent said their genitals felt “free and happy” when they went to bed pajama-less.