Alex Jones Will Lose Millions Of Dollars In Revenues Following Silicon Valley’s Blanket Ban

Drew AngererGetty Images

Alex Jones is going through the roughest patch in his professional career.

The alt-right conspiracy theorist and radio host, who rose to mainstream prominence following his blistering attacks on former president Barack Obama, was permanently suspended from Twitter earlier this week. The Twitter ban followed closely on the heels of Apple removing his app from the App Store, while YouTube and Facebook have already suspended his accounts. This move by Silicon Valley tech giants is set to lose Jones millions of dollars in annual income, with an Android app, his website, and his radio show remaining the only avenues through which the alt-right theorist can now reach his audiences.

Although Jones is primarily known to mainstream audiences as a nativist agitator often basing his opinions on discredited ideas, most of his income comes from the sale of the merchandise he promotes through his various channels, as reported by the New York Times. In fact, his public image lends massively to his business empire, with Jones claiming to offer solutions to the very problems that he raises while peddling his globalist, apocalyptic vision of the world.

“Records.. show that most of his revenue.. came from the sale of products like supplements such as the Super Male Vitality, which purports to boost testosterone, or Brain Force Plus, which promises to ‘supercharge’ cognitive functions.”

“Kelly Jones [his ex-wife] compared Mr. Jones’s marketing to that of a televangelist, preaching to his faithful, selling cures and soliciting donations. His customers buy in — and then they buy. For every threat he raises, there is a solution for sale.”

Jones has often defended his shows from a legal point of view by claiming that the First Amendment allows him to broadcast his views. But after disparaging Sandy Hook victims as “crisis actors” who were paid by the Barack Obama government to fester anti-gun activism hysteria, Jones was challenged in a Texas court by the parents of one of the victims, who point out that they were issued death threats by an ardent fan of his shows. There have been other violent implications of the views Jones espouses, with one of his audience members Edgar Maddison Welch carrying a military-rifle to a Washington D.C. pizzeria that Jones had labeled as the center of a child sex ring run by Hillary Clinton. Welch was consequently convicted of a crime and is now serving a four-year prison sentence.

All of this has led Silicon Valley to take a decisive step against Jones, who is now set to lose out on millions of dollars in revenues. Although his complete net worth has never been revealed, documents obtained by the New York Times posit his 2014 income as being somewhere in the region of $20 million. A large part of that came from selling merchandise and products. He made at least $5 million in profits that year, spending most of the money on a “swimming pool complex featuring a waterfall and dining cabana with a stone fireplace.”

He also reportedly bought four Rolex watches in one day, spent $40,000 on a saltwater aquarium, $70,000 on a grand piano, $50,000 on firearms and $752,000 in silver, gold, and other precious metals.

But now with Jones losing out on millions of his viewers because of the Silicon Valley blanket ban, he is also set to suffer financially. With very few avenues left to him now, Jones has tried hard to paint his bans as the work of “deep-state” to his supporters, but it might not be enough to save Alex Jones from a cataclysmic downfall.

Conspiracy theories were what made Jones millions, and now they will likely prove his bane.