Donald Trump Is Unfit To Be President, May Start Nuclear War, Congress Must Remove Him, Writes Will Bunch

Alex Edelman- PoolGetty Images

Donald Trump is mentally unfit for office, writes Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch, and he may very well lead the country into nuclear war if Congress doesn’t invoke the 25th Amendment to stop him.

In a lengthy op-ed piece, Bunch writes that the question of whether or not Donald Trump is unfit for office is beyond settled, saying that it’s not so much a matter of “if” but a matter of “what can be done about it.”

“We’re already in a constitutional crisis — arguably the worst since the Civil War. The question now is, who’s gonna win?”

As evidence, Bunch cites what he claims is the one-two punch of the explosive new book from Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, and the damning New York Times op-ed piece from an anonymous “senior White House official,” now colloquially deemed “Lodestar.”

In his book, as The Washington Post explains, Woodward paints a picture of Trump being almost unrelentingly paranoid about the Mueller investigation, to the point that his fear has essentially stalled functioning in the White House for days at a time. Woodward also writes of White House staffers conspiring to limit the president by shielding him from the news he doesn’t want to hear, snatching papers before he can sign them, and indeed, running a sort of in-house resistance.

A similar claim was made in the now-infamous “Lodestar” editorial to the New York Times, in which an anonymous White House official also wrote of an in-house “resistance” attempting to thwart Trump.

Given that the president is “amoral,” “dangerous,” and being thwarted by his own staff, the ground is laid for either a Constitutional crisis, a coup d’etat, or a civil war. Or perhaps one of Trump’s knee-jerk and/or ill-advised military adventures could involve nuclear weapons.

“Under existing laws, the president of the United States can start a nuclear war – without provocation, without consultation and without warning.”

For these reasons, writes Bunch, Congress must invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

In essence, the 25th Amendment allows Congress to remove the president in the case of his death, resignation, or – and here’s the million-dollar word – “impairment.”

Unfortunately for those bent on the Amendment being used to remove Trump from office, the odds of it working are long, writes Politico. Long story short, it would take nothing short of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or another degenerative neurological illness, for Congressional Republicans to even begin considering invoking the 25th to remove Trump. That’s not going to happen any time soon – at least, not before 2020.

Meanwhile, the best that Trump opponents can hope for is that the in-house anti-Trump resistance continues to thwart the 45th president at every opportunity.