‘RHOBH’ Star Dorit’s Husband P.K. Sued By Bellagio For Gambling Debt

Nicole WeingartNBC Universal

Things have suddenly gotten more complicated for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars Dorit and P.K. Kemsley as he has defaulted on a settlement with a Las Vegas casino. Paul Kemsley (known as P.K.) made an agreement with the Bellagio, but now a judge has ruled that the casino can garnish his wages to recoup their money.

The Blast has shared court documents that indicate that P.K. defaulted on the agreement he made with the Bellagio, and now a Las Vegas judge says that the casino now has the upper hand.

Judge Richard F. Boulware II ruled that “garnishment and execution” can begin at any time for the Bellagio to collect on Kemsley’s gambling debt.

P.K. Kemsley owes the Bellagio $3.6 million and had agreed to a payment plan to repay the debt that he’s been chipping away at for years. Kemsley had made several $875k payments, but then filed for bankruptcy in England and was able to get most of his debt cleared.

The Bellagio fought the judgment saying that a U.K. bankruptcy didn’t clear his debt in Vegas, and Kemsley was ordered to reinstate payments. As a result, the two parties worked out an agreement.

The agreement between the casino and the British businessman should have been repaid with interest in June, but there is still an outstanding balance, and the Bellagio says he stopped paying in May.

“The casino demanded the court order a judgment in the amount of the remaining balance, so they can use it to go after PK and seize any assets to collect on their money.”

Casino.org says that Kemsley has been in debt as a result of gambling for some time in Las Vegas. The original agreement was signed by both parties in 2013, but it has still not been repaid according to documents furnished by MGM Resorts.

“Kemsley has breached his settlement obligations, and by violating his settlement obligations, he has violated the stipulated dismissal order,” the filing declares.”

The MGM documents indicate that the debt actually goes back to 2009 when Kemsley initiated the original line of credit.

“The Bellagio says its case with Paul dates back to 2009 when it loaned the businessman a $3.6 million line of credit. But the casino known for its fountains says it received just five payments over the next two years totaling $850,000.”

The Bellagio says it will take Kemsley to court if the balance isn’t paid promptly, and at this time, Dorit and P.K. have no comment.