Ben Affleck’s Girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, Poses Nude In Latest Instagram Pic And It’s Barely Censored

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Ben Affleck’s girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, is a Playboy playmate, and she’s not afraid to show off her body on Instagram. In her latest post, she pushed the limits of the Instagram no-nudity rule. Shauna posed nude, with just two fortune-telling ball emojis to censor her exposed assets. While the lower half of her body is half-covered by shadows, the rest of her body could be easily seen.

She wore her hair in loose waves, and sported a glittery choker necklace. And predictably, her fans responded positively. One person even said that “I’ve subscribed to playbiy [sic] just for you.” Another person said they’re “obsessed,” while another complimented her saying, “Playmate of the year!”

Shauna captioned the photo “Apologies in advance for how many pictures I will be posting from this set- we f*cking crushed it, and I’ve been waiting months to release this.” So it sounds like her fans can expect to see more photos like this one in the coming days or weeks.

Sexton was recently spotted driving Ben’s car on Friday, according to People. Although the actor is still reportedly in treatment at rehab, he’s been allowed to leave to attend workout sessions at home. A source noted the following.

“Since last week, he’s been driven from the clinic every day from rehab to the house to work out for a few hours a day. He’s always accompanied by his coach and therapist.”

The model was seen wearing a small Rolling Stones crop top and black leggings with sneakers.

Shauna also used to work as a veterinary assistant before she met Ben, but has since quit her day job, detailed the Daily Mail. And because of her past run-ins with the law due to drinking, some people have questioned her role in Ben’s relapse. She clapped back with some strong words, however.

“Do these mistakes mean i would disrespect someone’s hard earned sobriety by drinking with them or in front of them? H*ll no… Blaming a 22 year old for someone’s 3rd time in rehab is just ridiculous.”

She also added that “Ben is a grown a** man, baby.”

While Sexton has a good point, it hasn’t stopped people from making assumptions or speculating on the relationship she has with Ben. A source revealed that Ben has been in touch with Shauna the whole time he’s been in rehab, and that it’s been a source of concern for the people at rehab who see her as a “red flag.” They base this on the fact that Shauna is not sober, which could hinder Ben’s future sobriety.

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