Emily Ratajkowski Does Her Own Date Night Makeup, And It Looks Fab And Costs $406

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As a professional model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski spends a good chunk of her time getting her hair and makeup done by stylists, so it makes sense that she prefers a quick routine when she’s on her own. She also seems to have picked up a thing or two from the pros, because her skills are impressive. Marie Claire watched the model and actress perform her own makeup routine, and noted all the products she used.

She said she loves doing looks on her friends, and gives all her pals the same universally flattering look.

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First, she spread Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation directly on her face with her fingers, blending it in. Then, she used Maybelline Clear Lash Great Lash Mascara on her eyebrows, brushing them forward. Clear mascara is a handy tool for eyebrows and lashes alike. Now that her brows are done, Ratajkowski moves on to her cheeks, highlighting her amazing cheekbones with Milk Highlighter in Lit. She doesn’t just highlight her cheeks, she also adds some to the bridge of her nose.

Next, she applied a creamy blush to her cheeks, using it in abundance. She blended the blush with her fingertips, and then added that she prefers to pat any extra color from the blush onto her nose.

She naturally didn’t skimp on highlighting her beautiful brown eyes. She first accentuated them with brown shadow applied up to the crease of her eyelid. Then, she blended the same color of shadow into her lower lashline with a small brush. She used the popular Glossier Lash Stick to complete her eye look.

To complete her perfect date night makeup look, Ratajkowski used a classic lip color: Marc Jacobs Classic Creme in J’Adore. Finally she topped that with Pat McGrath’s Lust Lip Gloss in Blush Gold. Her lips looked perfect, as did the rest of her look.

It must be noted that there are some discount or non-luxury items included in the lineup of products Ratajkowski used along with the designer fare. Maybelline is available in most drugstores, for example. Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath products are definitely more high-end, expensive products, but Glossier items are relatively affordable.

Altogether, Ratajkowski’s date night look used 12 products. If one were to buy these brand-new products, they would spend $406 out of pocket to accumulate the collection. If it’s applied as well as Ratajkowski managed to do it, it will be worth the investment.