Traffic Laws: US Postal Service Exempt

East Cleveland, OH – Postal Service government attorney, Jennifer Breslin, suggests several traffic infractions committed in December by postal trucks should be excused. The city operates a traffic photo-enforcement program which issued local postal service operators two citations for speeding in a school-zone and running five red lights. Accumulated fines for the traffic tickets total nearly $700.

The US Postal Service refuses to remit the cost of the tickets, as according to Breslin:

“In providing mail service across the country, the Postal Service attempts to work within local and state laws and regulations, when feasible … However, as you are probably aware, the Postal Service enjoys federal immunity from state and local regulation.”

American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the Arizona-based company that enforces East Cleveland’s camera citations, does not agree with Breslin. ATS attorney George Hittner responded:

“By attempting to hide behind an immunity claim, you are aiding and abetting your drivers in their blatant disregard for the traffic laws in East Cleveland, which have endangered other drivers, pedestrians and school children.”

Hittner cited the Postal Service’s own safety manual and case law, pointing out where postal truck drivers should and have been held accountable. He outlined examples where the driving habits of carriers resulted in legal consequences. Hittner copied his email reply to Breslin to two US representatives and two senators.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said he was unaware the Post Office had immunity from obeying basic traffic laws; stopping for red lights and adhering to posted speed limits.

“But since they are, I wish I’d get my mail faster.”

US Postal Service workers deliver over 200 billion pieces of mail annually.

Do you feel postal employees, while on the job, should be excused from adhering to state and local traffic laws?

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