Comedy Cellar Owner Not Happy After Louis C.K.’s Return To Standup

Rich FuryGetty Images

After an unexpected appearance at the Comedy Cellar last month, Louis C.K. reignited debates around the stand-up comic and his potential return to comedy. News outlets around the internet blasted Louis C.K. for coming back to comedy after what they felt was entirely too short of a hiatus following a number of accusations from women accusing the comedian of sexual misconduct.

Louis popped up unexpectedly at the Comedy Cellar to deliver a short standup comedy set, in which he failed to even acknowledge the incidents.

According to Huffington Post, the Comedy Cellar’s owner, Noam Dworman, is deeply upset and affected by the comedian’s unnanounced return to standup after less than a year away from the lime light. Most prominent on Dworman’s list of Louis C.K.’s offenses is the comedian’s failure to mention the sexual misconduct accusations from November, 2017.

He clarified that going forward, it’s still possible that comedians that audience members dislike may pop up, and if so, those customers could leave with their tabs paid on the house. Dworman also added that he didn’t expect Loius C.K. back anytime soon.

“I’m very upset with him because my life has been substantially affected and his life has not, and I’m not sure he’s aware of it. I’m not sure that he gave it sufficient thought. We were the place that never did that stuff. And now I’m the national symbol of it. The very opposite of what I always stood for.

“We don’t know who may pop in that’s not on the lineup. If someone does come in that you don’t want to see, you are free to leave, no questions asked and check completely on the house. Having said that, we don’t expect Louis back anytime soon.”

A number of publications expressed outrage at both Louis C.K. and Dworman for conveying a message that what Louis C.K. was accused of, “wasn’t that bad.”

In late 2017, allegations against Louis C.K. claimed the comic asked at least five women if he could expose himself to them. The New York Times delivered a bombshell report detailing the accounts of C.K.’s accusers and delving into the particulars of Louis C.K.’s inappropriate behavior.

The accusations were later confirmed as true by Louis C.K. before he apologized for his actions and stepped away from public view. Amid the controversy, Louis C.K. saw the cancellation of his television series by the FX network and also learned that his upcoming movie, I Love You Daddy, was being pulled from release just before its theatrical debut.