Ariana Grande Exes: Who Has She Dated?

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Pop sensation Ariana Grande is having a difficult time keeping her name out of the headlines as of late. Despite being just 25-years-old, Ariana has a star-studded list of exes, including a two-year relationship with the late Mac Miller. As previously reported by Inquisitr, Miller passed away earlier today at the age of 26 of a reported drug overdose.

In addition to Mac, here’s a look at some of Ariana’s other exes.

Graham Phillips

Ariana met Graham – who many believed to be her first celebrity boyfriend – when the two shared the stage for the musical 13. Performing beside each other, the duo became great friends, and their friendship eventually blossomed into a relationship.

Ariana and Graham dated exclusively from 2009 to 2011 before mutually breaking up. While they are no longer in a relationship, they maintain a strong friendship.

Jordan Viscomi

Grande met Jordan Viscomi while working on the set of Victorious together. Their working relationship turned into a romantic one towards the end of 2011. Unfortunately for Grande, rumor had it the back-up dancer only dated Ariana to “further his career.” The rumor resulted in a messy break-up in 2012.

Jai Brooks

Six years ago when Grande kicked off her singing career, she started a long-distance relationship with Australian YouTuber Jai Brooks. Clevver notes Jai was Ariana’s first “high profile boyfriend,” and her followers watched the relationship play out from start to finish.

According to an article by Capital FM, Jai started a competition with his brother to attract the attention of Grande. It was Grande’s mother who noticed Jai and encouraged the young singer to contact him. The pair dated for about a year – traveling back and forth to see each other. When the relationship came to an end, Jai accused Ariana of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.

While Ariana denied it, the pair came to some sort of understanding, as they dated again for an additional few months about a year after originally breaking up.

Nathan Sykes

Ariana’s relationship with singer Nathan Sykes was also considered “high profile” after Jai’s accusation of cheating. The duo dated for roughly five months in 2013 before cutting things off. A few years ago, Sykes even released an album inspired by his former relationship with Grande.

Big Sean

Grande developed a friendship with Big Sean back in 2014 after they collaborated on “Right There” for her album, Yours Truly. Fans quickly started to pick up on the pair acting more like lovers than friends, with the two confirming their relationship status in 2015. They continued to collaborate on several more songs until they split up later in the year. The relationship lasted for roughly eight months.

Ricky Alvarez

Grande’s relationship with back-up dancer Ricky Alvarez was far from high profile. Many speculate the only reason the relationship got any attention at all was because of the infamous donut scandal. As those who follow Ariana know, the singer was videotaped licking – but not buying – donuts.

Mac Miller

As People reminds us, Mac and Ariana became friends back in 2012 when they worked together on a cover of Baby, It’s Cold Outside”. While many speculated the duo were an item at the time of the collaboration, both insisted they were nothing more than friends.

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It was in September of 2016 that Ariana and Mac confirmed their relationship with the photo above – from Instagram.

Following the suicide bombing at the Manchester Arena in May 2017, that killed dozens of Ariana’s fans outside of her concert, Mac served as the pop sensation’s emotional rock. This past May, the two amicably ended their relationship. The duo claimed their busy schedules clashed, and that they had been struggling with their relationship for a while.

The same month that the pair split up, Miller was arrested and charged with both a DUI and a hit-and-run. Unfortunately for Ariana, many blamed her for Miller’s relapse. Grande, however, didn’t take the blame sitting down. She clapped back at those who blamed her, noting that it wasn’t her place or responsibility to stay with someone just to keep them away from using drugs.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Grande is currently under fire again as some have begun to blame the singer for Miller’s death.

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Pete Davidson

Just a few weeks after splitting up with Miller, Ariana and Pete Davidson started dating. While the relationship was initially coined as “casual,” it didn’t take long for things to heat up. After just a few short weeks of dating, news of Ariana and Pete’s engagement broke.