John Legend Sympathizes With Meghan Markle Over Family Drama, Says ‘You Can’t Control All Their Actions’

Jerod Harris/Chris JacksonGetty Images

John Legend discussed Meghan Markle during a new episode of the Dan Wootton Interview podcast, and it sounds like the singer is more than sympathetic to the Duchess’ family drama. According to The Sun, Legend hashed out the problems that famous people can face when they come from a humble background. This is what he had to say.

“Particularly if you come from a pretty humble background, you don’t grow up expecting to be famous and to be held accountable for every family member that you have.”

This was the case for Meghan, who comes from a fairly ordinary background with parents that worked hard to provide for her. John continued.

“And you know, you can’t control all their actions and sometimes they might embarrass you and who among us doesn’t have family members that might embarrass us?”

To make the point, he explained the ubiquitous nature of family embarrassment.

“Everybody’s got family members that could embarrass them. Even royalty.”

Fans of the royal family have watched as the Duchess’ dad, Thomas, along with her half-siblings and other family members, blasted Meghan via public interviews and social media. John knows this all too well, considering that his wife, Chrissy Teigen, blasted Thomas Markle for his embarrassing behavior in late July. But he has a good point, which is that Meghan can’t necessarily control what her family does or says. Perhaps that’s why the royals have been staying silent about the drama, because they also know that the Markles can’t be controlled.

John went on to expand on the thought, describing a time when a cousin of his tried to raffle off an opportunity for a fan to eat Christmas dinner with him. The singer obviously shut down the little money-making scheme, but he shared the story to show that nobody is particularly immune to family drama when fame is involved.

Legend went on to discuss his views on the monarchy, and that it’s notable that Meghan has been brought into the fold.

“Obviously the monarchy in itself is almost by definition exclusive and elitist as a construct, but the fact that it was opened up a little bit to someone that didn’t look or come from the same background as many people who have held that position before I think is an expansion in a way.”

An “expansion” is a great word to describe it, as Meghan has added not only her diverse background to the royal family, but her modern style aesthetics too. We’ve seen this as the Duchess returned from summer vacation sporting some edgy outfits (for royal standards), including pants and short skirts.