Aubrey O'Day Surprised By 'Jersey Shore' Cast Criticism

Singer Aubrey O'Day says she was surprised to learn that the cast of the Jersey Shore didn't care for her, as she enjoyed getting to know them while she was dating cast member Pauly D. The Danity Kane singer said that before meeting Pauly D (real name Paul DelVecchio), she had never watched the show, but that so many of the cast members, like Snookie, had become household names.

PageSix reports that Snookie was the first member of the Jersey Shore crew that Aubrey had met -- the two ran into each other at a party. O'Day said she thought they had fun together.

"I was hosting something and Snooki was there and she pulled me into the bathroom and busted out a flask and we took shots out of it and I was like, 'This girl is fun! I love her!' She was a very fun-loving person from the short time that I spent with her and I enjoyed it."

O'Day says she then met Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and his fiancee on the WeTV show Marriage Bootcamp (O'Day and Pauly D make their debut on the same show tonight). The four hung out, and she thought she had made a good impression until she saw some negative comments in the media.

O'Day said that seemingly out of the blue, she became aware of multiple articles via Google alerts.

"Lately, I've seen some Google alerts pop up about some unkind things that he said about me, which is disappointing 'cause I thought he was a bigger person than that. My mistake!"

O'Day says she was even more confused because she collaborated with many of the people from Jersey Shore on a surprise video she made for Pauly's birthday, and everything seemed fine.

"I actually I did like a video for Pauly's birthday, 37 or 36. One of those years. I did a birthday video and I got every celebrity that's ever worked with Pauly and all of his family and extended family, which is a big family. And I got the 'Jersey Shore' characters as well to do a little video for him and I edited it all together for his birthday so he could be with everyone that he had ever known in life on his birthday when I took him to Mexico. So, yeah, I got to speak to all of them during that too."

It seems that some of the negative feelings could have surfaced after O'Day and DelVecchio's relationship hit the skids. Snookie's comments about O'Day came after she saw the preview for Marriage Boot Camp.

"I am not a fan of the preview of Marriage Boot Camp because it looks like she's coming at Pauly — like, calm down."