Ben Affleck Reportedly Not Planning To Stay Sober As Shauna Sexton Joked About Sobriety, Per ‘Radar Online’

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Ben Affleck was whisked away to rehab by his ex, Jennifer Garner, after he was spotted with girlfriend Shauna Sexton. Affleck had unfortunately relapsed, and went to rehab for his alcohol addiction. However, he has since been spotted at his house in workout clothes, as he was reportedly released temporarily to work with his personal trainer at home. Since then, Radar Online has reported that Affleck isn’t taking the whole rehab or sobriety too seriously, which could indicate some huge problems in the future.

A source said the following about Ben’s attitude.

“He hasn’t been cooperative at all. He went to rehab to detox and does not seem to have any intention of staying sober.”

This comes after reports that Ben even went through family counseling with Garner and his kids, with the worst part being him sitting down to reveal all of his affairs and relationships since he and Jennifer split. And while it appears that Ben completed detox, that’s usually just the first step in an alcohol misuse treatment program. Typically, people move on to an inpatient program, then are released for outpatient programs.

However, as Ben seems to be enjoying his freedom from rehab, problems may loom. Shauna Sexton’s car was seen in his driveway during his trip home from rehab, and many believe that she is a bad influence on Affleck because she isn’t sober.

At the same time, Shauna posted a now-deleted screenshot of some text messages between herself and a friend, as detailed by Radar Online. During the conversation, the Playboy playmate’s friend said that “I just feel so healthy and happy and hope everyone can find this happiness that we have found.” To that, Shauna joked that “Dude we’re going to get shredded.” It’s hard to know for sure whether Shauna was really saying she’d be sober, but if her recent Instagram posts are a reflection of her choices, sobriety would be a new lifestyle.

And in the midst of all of the drama, Jennifer is there to try to help Ben out. In late August, she was reportedly “not pleased” or “surprised” that Ben had a new, young girlfriend, according to Elle. At the time, a source said that “Jen has come to expect this from Ben. She’s not going to get involved. She can’t make decisions for him.”

However, a short time later, Jen was forced to step in and drive Ben to rehab.