Man Breaks Into House, Eats A Steak, Showers, Then Steals Water Pipes And Electrical Wiring

Isaac Douglas Brewer of Twin Falls County is alleged to have broken into a home in which a very odd type of robbery took place. Brewer is accused of breaking in to take a shower, eating a T-bone steak that was in the freezer, and then stealing tools, mattresses, and the water pipes and electrical wiring. It is alleged he was there for quite a while while the owner was at work, or at least long enough to haul away a large portion of the list of items that were stolen, and for the steak to thaw out enough to be cooked and then eaten, per Magic Valley News.

The man who lives in the home on China Creek Rd., claims that when he came home, Brewer had a load of pipes and wires in his truck. He approached Brewer and asked what was going on, to which Brewer replied someone named Dean said he owned the house and was welcome to take any of the damaged pipes and wiring from it that he wanted. By the time the resident of the house noticed the front door was open and moved to investigate why, Brewer already took off in the truck.

During an examination of the house, the resident saw that food was missing from cupboards; he noticed evidence of the steak being eaten, missing tools, and the missing mattresses along with other smaller items. The police were called, and Brewer was located eight miles away in the truck, with the pipes and wiring still in his possession. Brewer repeated his story to the police about the man named Dean who said owned the property and told him he was welcome to remove the pipes and wiring from the house for scrap.

He then told police that when he arrived at the house in the morning, the door was already open, but he never went inside. As he had pipes and wires that were clearly removed from the house, police felt there was enough to take Brewer into custody. Upon searching Brewer’s property, police found more pipes, wiring, the mattresses, and tools piled up in the yard. The value of the pipes was estimated at about $2,100, which contributed to Brewer’s bail being set at $25,000 as that was enough for a felony theft charge.

No one matching a description of “Dean” was ever located, and the owner of the house said they never gave permission to anyone to strip it for scrap. Brewer’s preliminary hearing will take place on September 14.